2014 Project Titles

Projects that were available for the 2014 intake are shown below. The 2015 projects will be available shortly, and are expected to fall into similar categories

Cardiometabolic Sciences

Development of an auxetic sleeve to treat aortic stiffening

Optimization of nanocomposite coatings for optical ultrasound generation in miniature intra-cardiac imaging probes

Creation of a microfluidised bed bioreactor for encapsulated 3-dimensional cell cultures: improved physiological testing and evaluation of stem cell integration

Quantification of sudden cardiac arrest risk using a photoplethysmographic device: implementation and evaluation



Towards a microhemodynamics clinical tool for vascular ocular pathologies

Microfabrication of an aerosol spray system for delivery of retinal stem cells into the eye



Implantable vestibular prosthesis for severe balance disorders

Development of a prototype hearing aid with efferent-assisted processing

Chronic rat implants for developing therapies after spinal cord injury

Model informed interpretation of multimodal data sets to provide clinicaly relevant information for the management of acute brain injury

A wearable assistive medical device for upper limb functions

A high-fidelity minimally-invasive brain computer interface

An implanted device for improved treatment of epileptic seizures using Electrical Impedance Tomography and electrical brain stimulation


Monitoring and diagnosis

A system for intelligent multiparameter monitoring of neonates

Development of a nasal blockage analyser using acoustic sensors

A novel device for monitoring respiration rate using accelerometry


Infection, immunity and inflammation

Development of non-invasive EIS prototype device to diagnose tooth canal complexity for improved root canal treatment selection, planning and outcome

Sterilization of clinical materials using antibacterial nanocomposites

Modified dental composites for bone repair with antibacterial action and ability to oseointegrate



Magnetic resonance targeting and treating cancer


Biomechanics and materials

Total Monobloc Osteotomy: Analysis of biomechanics and design of a novel instrumented rigid external distractor

Combining tissue engineering, biomaterials and computational modeling to develop living replacement tissue for repairing the nervous system



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