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The UCL Institute of Biomedical Engineering runs the Doctoral Training Programme in Medical Device Innovation. The first year of the four year programme comprises the MRes in Medical Technology Entrepreneurship; students who successfully pass this will then go onto a further three years of PhD research. The DTP’s vision is to cultivate a cross-­‐faculty cohort of entrepreneurial researchers motivated to engage in innovation during their graduate training and future careers.

A strong aspiration for the DTP is that every graduate student, at his or her viva, should be able to demonstrate some sort of prototype device that has a clearly established clinical need, technical feasibility and commercial viability. Tangible outcomes such as these provide clear conduits for impactful research and are very strong motivators for prospective students.

Students will take the MRes in Medical Technology Entrepreneurship in their first year, before moving onto an MPhil/PhD. Students will select their MRes project from a short list curated by the DTP’s research strategy committee. We expect that most students will continue in the same research group as their MRes for their PhD.

Projects appropriate for this call will have clear translation potential and involve research towards the production of a medical device. Cross-­faculty and department collaboration is strongly encouraged, with demonstrable clinical and patient need being an especially important factor. All projects must have both Engineering and clinical supervision, and links with external partners are viewed favourably.

Proposals will be accepted from all aspects of medical device innovation, but preference will be given to projects that are founded in those areas for which alternative CDT or DTP programmes are not available at UCL – namely in:

(a) Biomaterials;

(b) Bioengineering (including structural & functional implants); and

(c) Sensors & Diagnostics.

Funding has been negotiated from a variety of Research Council and NIHR Biomedical Research Centre sources.

We are expecting to select not more than 20 projects for the students to choose from for the 2015 intake.

This call is open to supervisory teams from UCL Academic staff, and UCLH, Moorfields and GOSH Biomedical Research Centres only.

Please read the guidelines and conditions of the studentships before completing the application form, which will be available on this website shortly. Completed application forms must be submitted to j.griffiths@ucl.ac.uk by 26th June 2015.



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