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Entrepreneurship and enterprise go hand in hand with the development of Medical Technologies. At the UCL IBME we believe it is essential that modern graduates develop both traditional rigourous research skills and enterprise skills, giving them the tools to succeed in a vibrant and growing industry sector. 

The Enterprise Academy is the graduate teaching and training arm of the IBME. Our postgraduate students are taught an appreciation of the value and place of enterprise and entrepreneurship alongside academic and clinical research and development rigour and excellence.

Enterprise Academy students are motivated individuals with a drive to see their research make an impact. They are keen researchers with strong entrepreneurial aspirations. Our research areas are highly interdisciplinary and cover the full range of non-pharmaceutical medical devices for diagnosis, monitoring and treatment.

The Enterprise Academy offers a four-year Doctoral Training Programme in Medical Device Innovation that mixes high quality research in medical devices with education in translational techniques, enterprise and entrepreneurship to create the innovators that will drive the future of medical device translation.




Undergraduate Degrees

Postgraduate Course: Doctoral Training Programme (DTP) in Medical Device Innovation

Information for UCL supervisors and funding partners

DTP – Project Titles

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