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Growing ears and noses in a lab

Ears and noses could be grown in a laboratory and transplanted into humans using a technique developed by British scientists.

Researchers from the Great Ormond Street Hospital and University College, London using tissue engineering are the first to turn stem… Read more →

Simplified x-ray phase contrast shows potential for clinical imaging applications

Using a laboratory source with unprecedented brightness, scientists from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) in Germany, the Royal Institute of Technology (Stockholm, Sweden), and University College London (UCL) in England have demonstrated a new approach to get reliable phase contrast with… Read more →


Do salamanders hold the key to limb regeneration?


The secret of how salamanders successfully regrow body parts is being unravelled by University College London researchers in a bid to apply it to humans.

For the first time, researchers have found that the ‘ERK pathway’ must be constantly… Read more →

Surgery in the womb to be improved by research into new tools and imaging techniques

Surgeons will be able to use better tools, imaging techniques and therapies in future operations on unborn babies due to a £10 million award from the Wellcome Trust and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) to develop these… Read more →

Tiny £10m robot hand could transform spina bifida surgery in the womb

Scientists have launched a £10m project to create a tiny surgical robot hand that could transform the treatment of children with spina bifida and other congenital conditions. The aim of the research, which is being carried out by engineers at… Read more →


IBME MedTech Week 2014: 16-20 June

A series of free talks and events around medical technology and biomedical engineering innovation at UCL.

MedTech Week 2014 is the third of UCL’s Institute of Biomedical Engineering (IBME) week-long annual events (18th-20th June) aimed at staff and students wanting… Read more →

MedTech Week 2014

MedTech Week 2014 is the fourth of UCL’s Institute of Biomedical Engineering (IBME) week-long annual events (18th-20th June) aimed at staff and students wanting to know more about the medical technology and biomedical engineering landscape at UCL. It includes the… Read more »

Revolutionary new scan spots arthritis before symptoms start


If the new test works, it could save millions of future UK sufferers from crippling pain.

The breakthrough test, created by British scientists, could save millions from the agony of osteoarthritis. It should enable doctors to predict accurately who is… Read more →

Smart pants to keep elderly on their feet

Insects have the right idea. If we want to stay walking in old age, it is time

to get an exoskeleton. That is the goal of a project at University College London, which is looking to develop underwear that stiffens… Read more →


Noses Made in Britain: UK Touts Lab-grown Organs

In a north London hospital, scientists are growing noses, ears and blood vessels in a bold attempt to make body parts in the laboratory.

It’s far from the only lab in the world that is pursuing the futuristic idea of… Read more →

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