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Structural Implants

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Fallacious Quantification, Likert Scales, and the Ambiguity of Numbers: Adventures in Medical Device Usability

In many, many fields, the transition from a largely qualitative or intuitive basis for understanding (and prediction) to a quantitative basis for understanding has been extremely productive. Fields as diverse as bridge design, animal breeding, baseball, and, yes, human factors,… Read more →

Why medical device designers should care about fasteners

Fasteners come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles, but for medtech applications, they must all offer corrosion resistance, strength, and holding power.

Granted, fasteners aren’t the sexiest components in the world. But try building a single piece of… Read more →

FDA approves closure system to permanently treat varicose veins

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved the VenaSeal closure system (VenaSeal system) to permanently treat varicose veins of the legs by sealing the affected superficial veins using an adhesive agent.

There are two types of veins-deep veins and… Read more →

Medtronic Euphora Semicompliant Balloon Dilation Catheter Coming to Europe

Medtronic received regulatory approval and is launching in the EU its Euphora semicompliant balloon dilation catheter. The device allows for a pre-dilation procedure that can be beneficial in determining the nature of the lesion, helping to decide on which stent… Read more →

Brain stents show big promise for certain stroke patients

Stroke experts are reporting a major advance: Stents similar to the ones used to open clogged heart arteries also can be used to clear a blood clot in the brain, greatly lowering the risk a patient will end up disabled.

Read more →

Micell MiStent Sirolimus Eluting Absorbable Polymer Stent coming to Europe

Micell Technologies (Durham, NC) is releasing its flagship product, the MiStent Sirolimus Eluting Absorbable Polymer Coronary Stent System, in the European market. The stent is designed to release rapamycin to prevent restenosis, but unlike similar stents the crystalline drug stays… Read more →

SUTUREFIX ULTRA suture anchor for improved fixation

Smith & Nephew has just launched its innovative SUTUREFIX Ultra soft suture anchor for hip and shoulder labral repair surgeries. The suture is delivered using a 1.7 mm wide needle and a special mechanism expands it into a bent shape that stays… Read more →

FDA’s view on 3-D printing medical devices

Medical device manufacturers that have been hesitant to move forward with 3-D printing due to regulatory uncertainty seemingly got a green light today from the director of CDRH’s applied research arm. Steven K. Pollack, director of the Office of Science… Read more →

MakerBot 3D printer used to create tracheal cartilage

Researchers at the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research have successfully created cartilage using a MakerBot 3D printer. The team made use of the technology to quickly and affordably prototype and refine the bioprosthesis, and even used it to create a… Read more →

Here’s A Quick Pulse of The Medtech Industry

A global survey of medtech professionals provides an accurate snapshot of the issues facing and the expectations of the medical device industry.

How have companies responded to the medical device tax? What is the current mood of the medtech industry?… Read more →

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