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Structural Implants

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Magnesium surgical implants can be designed to biodegrade, promote bone growth

Ask anyone who has a surgical pin in their body, and they likely will tell you they wish it would just go away.

In the future, it just might, with help from research by Michele Manuel, an associate professor of… Read more →

CanGaroo ECM envelope bioscaffold holds cardiac implants, turns into vascularized tissue

Implantation of medical devices such as pacemakers and defibrillators can cause significant damage to nearby tissue, while afterwards the implants can move around, causing more problems. CorMatrix, a company that develops novel biomaterials, has developed and implanted in a patient… Read more →

Intravascular device for delivery of engineered cells might help avoid coronary bypass procedures

Stem cell and genetic therapies are already helping to fight a number of diseases, but using them to treat conditions in areas where there’s constant blood flow is difficult. Things get washed down the stream before they get a chance… Read more →

Arthrosurface’s KISSloc Suture System receives FDA approval

Arthrosurface, Inc. (www.arthrosurface.com), a developer of novel joint technologies, has received FDA 510(k) clearance for the KISSloc Suture System, a mini plate and suture implant intended for the correction of a Hallux Valgus deformity. The KISSloc Suture System consists of… Read more →

3D-printed implants infused with medicine to enable more effective drug delivery

A great strength of 3D-printing in the field of medicine is the ability to provide low-cost, personalized implants molded to a patient’s anatomy. Researchers from Louisiana Tech University have now taken the technology one step further, loading these custom implants… Read more →

MicroVention’s LVIS and LVIS Jr. stents FDA approved to treat brain aneurysms

The FDA has given MicroVention, a division of Terumo, approval for the company’s Low-Profile Visualized Intraluminal Support Device (LVIS and LVIS Jr.). The self-expanding nitinol stent, which comes with its own delivery mechanism, is used to repair brain aneurysms.

The… Read more →


The First FDA-Approved, 3-D Printed Facial Implant


Oxford Performance Materials (OPM) has won a first-of-its-kind FDA approval for its 3-D printed facial implant.Every human face is unique. So why shouldn’t facial implants be as well? It’s a question South Windsor, CN-based OEM Oxford Performance Materials (OPM)… Read more →

Peking University Implants First 3D Printed Vertebra

Doctors at Peking University have successfully implanted the first 3D printed vertebrae in a young patient. The patient, a 12 year old boy, had a malignant tumour in his spinal cord. After hours  of specialized spinal cord surgery, doctors replaced a section of… Read more →


Engineering New Bone Growth

MIT chemical engineers have devised a new implantable tissue scaffold coated with bone growth factors that are released slowly over a few weeks. When applied to bone injuries or defects, this coated scaffold induces the body to rapidly form new… Read more →

“Self-fitting” material precisely fills bone defects and acts as scaffold for new bone growth

Injuries, birth defects (such as cleft palates) or surgery to remove a tumor can create gaps in bone that are too large to heal naturally. And when they occur in the head, face or jaw, these bone defects can dramatically… Read more →

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