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Regenerative Medicine

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Researchers receive $1.1 million grant to pioneer novel approach to speed bone regeneration

Senior citizens and combat soldiers don’t usually have much in common—unless the topic is bone injuries. Among both groups, mending serious skeletal injuries—whether caused by a blast or a common fall—is a costly, complicated challenge. A team of researchers at… Read more →

Key prostaglandin metabolic enzyme shows promise as drug target for tissue regeneration

A new study co-led by Hsin-Hsiung Tai, professor of pharmaceutical sciences at the University of Kentucky, suggests that a key prostaglandin (PG) metabolic enzyme shows promise as a drug target to help tissue regeneration and repair, particularly after bone marrow… Read more →

Researchers show how a new drug speeds tissue regeneration in animal models

The concept sounds like the stuff of science fiction: take a pill, and suddenly new tissues grow to replace damaged ones.

Researchers at Case Western Reserve and UT Southwestern Medical Center this week announced that they have taken significant steps… Read more →

Stem cell transplant restores sensory functions in injured spinal cord

New research from Uppsala University shows promising progress in the use of stem cells for treatment of spinal cord injury. The results, which are published in the scientific journal Scientific Reports, show that human stem cells that are transplanted to… Read more →


Injectable electronics holds promise for basic neuroscience, treatment of neuro-degenerative diseases

It’s a notion that might be pulled from the pages of science-fiction novel – electronic devices that can be injected directly into the brain, or other body parts, and treat everything from neurodegenerative disorders to paralysis.

It sounds unlikely, until… Read more →

Oxygen regulatory pathway can act to trigger tissue regeneration in mice

A study led by Ellen Heber-Katz, PhD, of the Lankenau Institute for Medical Research (LIMR), part of Main Line Health (MLH), shows that a primordial form of energy production that still exists in mammals can be harnessed to achieve spontaneous… Read more →


Bioprinting in 3D: Looks like candy, could regenerate nerve cells

The printer looks like a toaster oven with the front and sides removed. Its metal frame is built up around a stainless steel circle lit by an ultraviolet light. Stainless steel hydraulics and thin black tubes line the back edge,… Read more →

Scientists regenerate bone tissue using only proteins secreted by stem cells

Scientists have discovered a way to regrow bone tissue using the protein signals produced by stem cells. This technology could help treat victims who have experienced major trauma to a limb, like soldiers wounded in combat or casualties of a… Read more →

UCI receives FDA consent to study stem cell-based treatment for retinitis pigmentosa in clinical trial

A first-of-its-kind stem cell-based treatment for retinitis pigmentosa developed by UC Irvine’s Dr. Henry Klassen, Dr. Jing Yang and colleagues has received consent from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration for use in a clinical trial.

A startup co-founded by… Read more →

New stem cells hold potential for generating mature functional tissues

Scientists at the Salk Institute have discovered a novel type of pluripotent stem cell — cells capable of developing into any type of tissue — whose identity is tied to their location in a developing embryo. This contrasts with stem… Read more →

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