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Regenerative Medicine

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EpiBone: the next industrial revolution will be about life itself

“Imagine a world where energy is converted 10,000 times more efficiently than the sun, where batteries are alive and broken bridges rebuild themselves,” said Nina Tandon, founder of New York based tissue engineering start-up EpiBone, speaking at WIRED2014. This is a world, the… Read more →

New cells meant to form blood vessels developed, treat peripheral artery disease

Researchers have developed a technique to jump-start the body’s systems for creating blood vessels, opening the door for potential new treatments for diseases whose impacts include amputation and blindness.

The international team, led by scientists at the Indiana University School… Read more →

UK ‘one-stop shop’ for regenerative medicines advice

A ‘one-stop shop’ to provide regulatory advice on regenerative medicines has been launched in the UK.

The service will, for the first time, provide a single point of access to the four regulatory bodies that work in the sector –… Read more →

C3BS inks preferred access agreement with Mayo Clinic

Cardio3 BioSciences (C3BS) (Euronext Brussels and Paris: CARD), a leader in the discovery, development and commercialization of regenerative, protective and reconstructive therapies, announces today the signing of a preferred access agreement with Mayo Clinic. Under this agreement, Mayo grants Cardio3… Read more →

Lucideon announces successful development of bioceramics for bone repair

As a partner in the EU-funded Bio-Bone project (Bioceramics for Bone Repair) Lucideon is pleased to announce that the pan-European consortium has successfully developed phosphate-glasses (p-glasses) with biomaterial properties for bone repair.

Lucideon’s materials and healthcare experts co-ordinated the biodegradation… Read more →

Skin regeneration – Healing with nanofibrous hydrogels

Nanofibrous hydrogels applied to burn wounds can accelerate healing and enhance the regeneration of skin tissue.

Healing of burn wounds requires that dead tissue is removed and new skin tissue is regenerated, while ensuring that the wound is closed rapidly… Read more →


TRI’s ND Infusion Catheter Used for First Time to Deliver Stem Cells Into Heart (VIDEO)

The Translational Research Institute, aka TRI Medical, announced that its ND Infusion Catheter has been used on a human patient for the first time to deliver stem cells into the heart. The procedure was performed at the German Cardiology Center… Read more →


Healing power of ‘rib-tickling’ found by researchers

In a new study in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, a team directed by USC Stem Cell researcher Francesca Mariani takes a closer look at rib regeneration in both humans and mice. The first author of the paper,… Read more →

Next-generation stem cells transplanted in human for the first time

A Japanese woman in her 70s is the world’s first recipient of cells derived from induced pluripotent stem cells, a technology that has created great expectations since it could offer the same advantages as embryo-derived cells but without some of… Read more →

Researchers discover key to making new muscles

Researchers at Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute (Sanford-Burnham) have developed a novel technique to promote tissue repair in damaged muscles. The technique also creates a sustainable pool of muscle stem cells needed to support multiple rounds of muscle repair. The study,… Read more →

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