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Regenerative Medicine

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Bioprinting in 3D: Looks like candy, could regenerate nerve cells

The printer looks like a toaster oven with the front and sides removed. Its metal frame is built up around a stainless steel circle lit by an ultraviolet light. Stainless steel hydraulics and thin black tubes line the back edge,… Read more →

Scientists regenerate bone tissue using only proteins secreted by stem cells

Scientists have discovered a way to regrow bone tissue using the protein signals produced by stem cells. This technology could help treat victims who have experienced major trauma to a limb, like soldiers wounded in combat or casualties of a… Read more →

UCI receives FDA consent to study stem cell-based treatment for retinitis pigmentosa in clinical trial

A first-of-its-kind stem cell-based treatment for retinitis pigmentosa developed by UC Irvine’s Dr. Henry Klassen, Dr. Jing Yang and colleagues has received consent from the U.S. Food & Drug Administration for use in a clinical trial.

A startup co-founded by… Read more →

New stem cells hold potential for generating mature functional tissues

Scientists at the Salk Institute have discovered a novel type of pluripotent stem cell — cells capable of developing into any type of tissue — whose identity is tied to their location in a developing embryo. This contrasts with stem… Read more →

Proteomics helps identify previously unrecognized proteins and pathways in nerve regeneration

Using proteomics techniques to study injured optic nerves, researchers at Boston Children’s Hospital have identified previously unrecognized proteins and pathways involved in nerve regeneration. Adding back one of these proteins—the oncogene c-myc—they achieved unprecedented optic nerve regeneration in mice when… Read more →

First embryonic stem cell therapy safety trial in Asian patients

A clinical trial in the Republic of Korea for patients with degenerative eye diseases is the first to test the safety of an embryonic stem cell therapy for people of Asian descent. The study, which followed four individuals for a… Read more →

Programmable Replacement Tissue Sponges Dissolve When Needed

Growing new tissues to replace diseased ones in a guided and engineered way is becoming a practical reality. Stem cells are being harnessed to do just that, but often, and particularly with larger pieces of replacement tissue, one needs an… Read more →


Nanofibre thread spun into surgical sutures

A nanofibre thread designed for use in medical sutures could enter clinical trials later this year in surgery to repair injured shoulders.

The thread, known as Bioyarn, has been developed by researchers at Oxford University. They hope to begin testing… Read more →

Natural reparative capacity of teeth elucidated

Researchers at Inserm and Paris Descartes University have just taken an important step in research on stem cells and dental repair. They have managed to isolate dental stem cell lines and to describe the natural mechanism by which they repair… Read more →

New study describes way to regenerate lung tissue after injury

A new collaborative study describes a way that lung tissue can regenerate after injury. The team found that lung tissue has more dexterity in repairing tissue than once thought. Researchers from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of… Read more →

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