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Regenerative Medicine

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Discovery may make it easier to develop life-saving stem cells

Not unlike looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack, a team of Michigan State University researchers have found a gene that could be key to the development of stem cells — cells that can potentially save millions of lives… Read more →

Researchers develop tissue engineered bone grafts for healing large bone defects

Bone is one of the most frequently transplanted tissues. And the demand is rising. Transplants treat large defects like those caused by trauma, complicated fractures, tumour resection or osteoporosis. Conventionally, a piece of bone is transferred from one body site to… Read more →

LGR5+ stem cells in epithelial renewal and cancer: Dr. Nick Barker

The availability of robust cell-surface markers for identifying and isolating adult stem cells is essential for studying both their normal in-vivo function during tissue renewal and for evaluating their contribution to cancer. We have shown Lgr5, a Wnt target gene… Read more »

Engineered muscle-mimic research: Technique uses living cells to build engineered muscle tissue

The National Institutes of Health has awarded a three-year, $437,248 grant to a University of Arkansas biomedical engineering researcher to design and test a biomaterial that can regenerate damaged skeletal muscle.

Living cells secrete fibrous proteins and polysaccharide gels… Read more →

Engineer to grow replacement tissue for torn rotator cuffs

A Case Western Reserve University engineer has won a $1.7 million National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant to grow replacement rotator cuffs and other large tendon groups to help heal injured soldiers and athletes, accident victims, and an aging population… Read more →

The Heart and Lung Repair Shop

This summer an empty retail unit in Hammersmith’s Kings Mall will be temporarily transformed into the Heart & Lung Repair Shop. Creative and curious visitors to of all ages can discover how these vital organs are far more complex than… Read more »


Do salamanders hold the key to limb regeneration?


The secret of how salamanders successfully regrow body parts is being unravelled by University College London researchers in a bid to apply it to humans.

For the first time, researchers have found that the ‘ERK pathway’ must be constantly… Read more →

Innovative device boosts tooth’s natural repair process

Dentists could soon be giving your teeth a mild ‘time warp’ to encourage them to self-repair, thanks to a new device being developed by dental researchers. Reminova Ltd, a new spin-out company from King’s College London, aims to take the… Read more →

With the right rehabilitation, paralyzed rats learn to grip again


After a large stroke, motor skills barely improve, even with rehabilitation. An experiment conducted on rats demonstrates that a course of therapy combining the stimulation of nerve fiber growth with drugs and motor training can be successful. The key,… Read more →

Cotton-wool-like scaffold could put a smile on your face

A new cotton-wool-like bioactive glass scaffold material could make the repair of complex bone and tooth defects or injuries much easier.

Regeneration and repair strategies currently use synthetic, temporary scaffolds to support and promote the healing of bone and dental… Read more →

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