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Regenerative Medicine

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Embryonic stem cells controlled with light

UC San Francisco researchers have for the first time developed a method to precisely control embryonic stem cell differentiation with beams of light, enabling them to be transformed into neurons in response to a precise external cue.

The technique also… Read more →

New material forges the way for ‘stem cell factories’

If you experience a major heart attack the damage could cost you around five billion heart cells. Future stem cell treatments will require this number and more to ensure those cells are replaced and improve your chances of survival.

Experts… Read more →


Fluorescent Mesh Aids Tissue Regrowth

Fluorescent Mesh Aids Tissue Regrowth | Research & Technology | Jul 2015 | photonics.com

Polymer fibers provide a mesh for tissue growth that can be monitored through near-infrared fluorescence imaging.

Originally developed for solar cells, the material, called TQ1, exhibits… Read more →

Scientists’ silk structure is secret to process of regenerating salivary cells

The silkworm, which produces the essential ingredient for fine silk fabric, also plays a critical role in a new process designed to provide relief for millions of individuals with dry mouth, a devastating oral and systemic health issue.

A research… Read more →

Avita Medical’s unique regenerative technology offers hope for burn victims

Avita Medical Ltd. (ASX: AVH), (OTCQX: AVMXY), a medical device company specializing in the treatment of wounds and skin defects, today said a branch of the U.S. Military says the U.S. Department of Defense ‘wants to use’ the company’s ReCell®… Read more →


Human heart-on-a-chip screens drugs for potential benefit, harm

A research team funded by the National Institutes of Health has generated a novel system for growing cardiac tissue from undifferentiated stem cells on a culture plate. This heart on a chip is a miniature physiologic system that could be… Read more →


Research indicates that stem cells could be used to heal damaged lungs

Respiratory diseases such as bronchitis, emphysema and asthma are extremely prevalent, with more than 35 million sufferers in the US alone. Now, a team from the Weizmann Institute of Science has worked to create a new treatment

for repairing damaged… Read more →

Spray application of respiratory cells holds promise for tissue engineering

A new study showing the ability to apply a thin coating of viable respiratory epithelial cells to tissue engineered constructs using a commercially available spray device is especially promising for therapeutic approaches in development to repair or replace challenging structures… Read more →

Exosomes for Regenerative Medicine Research

AMSBIO has launched a new range of human exosomes to the regenerative medicine tools and technologies market. Derived from placental and adipose derived stem cells, to ensure consistent high quality, these new products are ideally suited for research involving wound… Read more →

Dental pulp stem cell transplants can contribute to peripheral nerve regeneration

Peripheral nerve injuries often are caused by trauma or surgical complications and can result in considerable disabilities. Regeneration of peripheral nerves can be accomplished effectively using autologous (self-donated) nerve grafts, but that procedure may sacrifice a functional nerve and cause… Read more →

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