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Minimally Invasive Therapies

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Robotic Surgery Tool Treats Previously Inoperable Head and Neck Cancer

In a groundbreaking new study, UCLA researchers have advanced a robotic surgical technique to successfully access a previously unreachable area of the head and neck.

This pioneering method can now be used safely and efficiently in patients to remove tumors… Read more →

Flexible Pulse Oximeter Based on Organic Electronics

Pulse oximetry (SpO2) has been around for decades, helping clinicians to monitor the oxygenation of patients without resorting to invasive methods. Lately, with the rise of personal fitness trackers, pulse oximetry is being looked upon as a promising new metric… Read more →

Saint-Gobain Seals provides OmniSeal® spring-energized seals to OEM’s in the medical miniature motor market

Saint-Gobain Seals continues to provide their dynamic OmniSeal® spring-energized seals to OEM’s in the medical miniature motor market, which allows them to provide a well-balanced sealed motor and an added sense of security to their surgical tool OEM’s. The medical… Read more →


First human trials show non-invasive diagnosis of bone diseases possible

New research announced today could lead to the early diagnosis and treatment of chronic, debilitating conditions such as ‘brittle bone’ and osteoporosis, and help improve the lives of tens of thousands of sufferers in the UK alone. It could enable… Read more →

FDA allows marketing of non-invasive device to help evaluate heart blood flow

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has allowed marketing of the HeartFlow FFR-CT software, which permits health care professionals to non-invasively evaluate blood flow in the coronary arteries of patients showing signs and symptoms of coronary artery disease.

Coronary artery… Read more →

FDA Approves New Noninvasive Technology To Assess Heart Vessels

The FDA said today that it had granted approval to a novel technology that noninvasively measures fractional flow reserve (FFR) using data obtained from a CT scan of the heart. In recent years interventional cardiologists have been using an invasive, catheter-based form… Read more →

Neuromod Devices secures CE Mark for multisensory Tinnitus treatment

Neuromod Devices has announced that it has successfully secured regulatory approval, CE Mark, for the sale of mutebuttonTM, a new multisensory medical device to treat Tinnitus.

mutebutton™ is a completely new approach to the treatment of tinnitus. Unlike other technologies,… Read more →

Receptors for targeted cancer therapy identified by new imaging technique

Dartmouth researchers have developed a fluorescence imaging technique that can more accurately identify receptors for targeted cancer therapies without a tissue biopsy. They report on their findings in “Quantitative in vivo immunohistochemistry of epidermal growth factor receptor using a receptor… Read more →

Needle-free Ebola vaccine provides four-month protection in monkeys

Scientists have produced a single dose Ebola vaccine shown to provide primates with long-term protection from the deadly disease. What is most promising about the development is the delivery method, with the vaccine administered through the nose and lungs, mitigating… Read more →

Invuity Waveguide XT lights up spine during minimally invasive procedures

Minimally invasive spinal surgeries can be quite challenging to perform because light barely gets into the narrow incisions. To better see what they’re working with, surgeons use various light sources, such as head-mounted ones, to illuminate the area. Most lights… Read more →

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