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Minimally Invasive Therapies

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Blood recycling machine gets 3D-printed upgrade

A transfusion machine that takes a person’s blood lost during an operation, filters it, and then puts it back into the body has been improved through the use of 3D printing.

The HemoSep autotransfusion machine has been designed by a… Read more →

Light Activated Nanoballoons Open Inside Tumors to Release Chemo Cargo

Targeted delivery of chemotherapy may help overcome the terrible side effects that injecting poison into the whole body can have. A team of researchers headed by scientists at University of Buffalo have developed new nanoscale liposomes, made out of lipids,… Read more →

New fiber-optic device helps clinicians diagnose cancer at early-stage

An engineering researcher at the University of Arkansas has developed an inexpensive, endoscopic microscope capable of producing high-resolution, sub-cellular images of tissue in real time. The fiber-optic device, which is portable, re-usable and easily packaged with conventional endoscopes, will help… Read more →

Dynamic Magnetic Field Activates Nanoparticles to Force Tumor Cells to Self-Destruct (VIDEO)

Magnetically activated nanoparticles have been researched as a tool for killing tumors in the past, but generally the mechanism of action was using a magnetic field to resonate and heat up the nanoparticles and so kill the neoplasm. This can… Read more →

A novel device for inhalation drug delivery

Inhalation is an increasingly important route for non-invasive drug delivery for both systemic and local applications. Control of particle size and output plays a critical role in the efficient and effective delivery of oft en expensive medications to the lung.… Read more →

Intuitive’s new da Vinci Xi robotic surgical system unveiled

Intuitive Surgical, the behemoth of robotic-assisted surgery that has in many ways revolutionized minimally invasive surgery, just received FDA clearance for its new da Vinci Xi system. The company has invested considerable effort to expanding the capabilities of the da… Read more →

Nanotubes made from plants could allow delivery of DNA into cells, improve chemotherapy treatment

Researchers with the University of Florida’s Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences took what some would consider garbage and made a remarkable scientific tool, one that could someday help to correct genetic disorders or treat cancer without chemotherapy’s nasty side… Read more →

Surgeons use Cyberknife robotic device for treatment of vocal cord cancer

Stephen Wiley, a lifelong cowboy from Terrell, has helped UT Southwestern Medical Center pioneer a new treatment for vocal cord cancer. Mr. Wiley volunteered to be the world’s first known patient to be treated for vocal cord cancer with Cyberknife,… Read more →

St. Jude’s New Upgradeable Protégé Spinal Cord Stimulator Stays Up to Date with New Software Updates

St. Jude Medical received FDA approval for the world’s first upgradeable neurostimulator for chronic pain management. Modern implants are designed to be used for years, while the technology within them, and especially the software that powers them, keeps improving. While… Read more →


Surgical robot snakes its way down the throat

When we last heard about the modular snake robot designed by Carnegie Mellon University robotics professor Howie Choset, it had been used to explore an abandoned nuclear power plant. Now, however, a new line of robots based on it are… Read more →

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