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Minimally Invasive Therapies

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Cloaked DNA nanodevices survive pilot mission


It’s a familiar trope in science fiction: In enemy territory, activate your cloaking device. And real-world viruses use similar tactics to make themselves invisible to the immune system. Now scientists at Harvard Univ.’s Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering… Read more →

Keeping it simple may be the key to co-operative robots

A way of making hundreds – or even thousands – of tiny robots cluster to carry out tasks without using any memory or processing power has been developed by engineers at the University of Sheffield, UK.

The team, working in… Read more →


Bier Nerve Blocks Using Nanoparticles and Magnets?


Nanoparticles that target specific spots in the body have usually been developed for oncologists to attack tumors. A team of researchers at University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine wanted to see whether nanoparticles ferrying local anesthetics could be effective… Read more →

Covidien Kangaroo Feeding Tube with Integrated Camera FDA Cleared

Nasogastric feeding tubes can be tricky to float in sedated patients and there’s always risk of ending up intratracheally, i.e. in the lungs, a potentially very dangerous situation. To help avoid improper placement of feeding tubes, Covidien just received FDA clearance… Read more →


Xstat Gunshot Wound System Approved by FDA for Use on Battlefield

A couple months ago we reported on a new device from RevMedx, out of Wilsonville, Oregon, specifically designed to treat gunshot wounds. The XStat Rapid Hemostasis System is basically a huge injector syringe with what look like tablets inside, that are actually… Read more →

Blood recycling machine gets 3D-printed upgrade

A transfusion machine that takes a person’s blood lost during an operation, filters it, and then puts it back into the body has been improved through the use of 3D printing.

The HemoSep autotransfusion machine has been designed by a… Read more →

Light Activated Nanoballoons Open Inside Tumors to Release Chemo Cargo

Targeted delivery of chemotherapy may help overcome the terrible side effects that injecting poison into the whole body can have. A team of researchers headed by scientists at University of Buffalo have developed new nanoscale liposomes, made out of lipids,… Read more →

New fiber-optic device helps clinicians diagnose cancer at early-stage

An engineering researcher at the University of Arkansas has developed an inexpensive, endoscopic microscope capable of producing high-resolution, sub-cellular images of tissue in real time. The fiber-optic device, which is portable, re-usable and easily packaged with conventional endoscopes, will help… Read more →

Dynamic Magnetic Field Activates Nanoparticles to Force Tumor Cells to Self-Destruct (VIDEO)

Magnetically activated nanoparticles have been researched as a tool for killing tumors in the past, but generally the mechanism of action was using a magnetic field to resonate and heat up the nanoparticles and so kill the neoplasm. This can… Read more →

A novel device for inhalation drug delivery

Inhalation is an increasingly important route for non-invasive drug delivery for both systemic and local applications. Control of particle size and output plays a critical role in the efficient and effective delivery of oft en expensive medications to the lung.… Read more →

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