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Minimally Invasive Therapies

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Receptors for targeted cancer therapy identified by new imaging technique

Dartmouth researchers have developed a fluorescence imaging technique that can more accurately identify receptors for targeted cancer therapies without a tissue biopsy. They report on their findings in “Quantitative in vivo immunohistochemistry of epidermal growth factor receptor using a receptor… Read more →

Needle-free Ebola vaccine provides four-month protection in monkeys

Scientists have produced a single dose Ebola vaccine shown to provide primates with long-term protection from the deadly disease. What is most promising about the development is the delivery method, with the vaccine administered through the nose and lungs, mitigating… Read more →

Invuity Waveguide XT lights up spine during minimally invasive procedures

Minimally invasive spinal surgeries can be quite challenging to perform because light barely gets into the narrow incisions. To better see what they’re working with, surgeons use various light sources, such as head-mounted ones, to illuminate the area. Most lights… Read more →

Bioimaging Technique Isolates Moving Tissue

Light-guiding technology could take scientists on a journey inside blood vessels.

The new technology — time-reversed adapted-perturbation (TRAP) optical focusing, developed by a team at Washington University in St. Louis — guides light into tissue to seek movement, such as… Read more →

Skin patch may offer a better means of treating diabetic foot ulcers

When someone has diabetes, foot injuries such as ulcers can take a long time to heal. Not only does this cause diabetics prolonged discomfort, but it can even lead to amputation. Help may be on the way, however, in the… Read more →

Preliminary results further confirms the effectiveness of electroCore’s non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation treatment for headache

Preliminary results of an open-label trial carried in the journal of Headache and Pain reported that a single treatment with electroCore’s hand held non-invasive vagus nerve stimulation (nVNS) device gammaCore, completely resolved 44.8% of migraines within 30 minutes, with an… Read more →

Scientists create light-activated drug to help control type 2 diabetes

Scientists have created a drug for type 2 diabetes that is switched on by blue light, which they hope will improve treatment of the disease.

Diabetes drugs that promote the release of insulin from the pancreas can in some cases… Read more →

LaVision BioTec report on users of light sheet microscopy in the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis

LaVision BioTec, developers of advanced microscopy solutions for the life sciences, report on users of their Ultramicroscope Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscope system to aid the research of the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis under the supervision of Professor Vance Lemmon,… Read more →

Vanderbilt engineers develop robotic device for less invasive epilepsy surgery

For those most severely affected, treating epilepsy means drilling through the skull deep into the brain to destroy the small area where the seizures originate – invasive, dangerous and with a long recovery period.

Five years ago, a team of… Read more →

Medtronic Verify System to Identify Incontinence Patients Eligible for Sacral Neurostimulation

Urinary incontinence is an awkward and frustrating condition that people of all age groups can suffer from. There are some therapies in existence that can help deal with the condition, but choosing which route to take can be hit or… Read more →

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