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Medical Imaging Methods

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NEC MultiSync MD212G3 LCD grayscale diagnostic monitor

NEC has just unveiled its new grayscale diagnostic monitor, the MultiSync MD212G3. The device features a 21.3″ LED screen with a 2048 x 1536 (3 megapixels) resolution, as well as a 1,400:1 contrast ratio and a 1,700 cd/m² calibrated brightness. The… Read more →

Samsung RS80A ultrasound system now available in U.S.

Samsung is releasing in the U.S. its high-end RS80A ultrasound system. The device can be used in a variety of applications and features hybrid beamforming technology that provides high-resolution visualization. It’s compatible with 14 different probes, which can be purchased… Read more →

10 finalists chosen for dare-to-dream Medtech Design Challenge (Stewart Platform)

MRI is an indispensable tool to help diagnose health issues and to peer into the inner working of a human body. The next obvious step is to use the 3D images generated by these machines to guide the tools and… Read more →

Imaging Method Could Improve Asthma Treatment

A team of researchers, led by the Universities of Cambridge and Birmingham, have used a laser beam trap to examine how drug particles from asthma inhalers behave as they are projected through the air. Their findings could improve the effectiveness… Read more →

How advancements in ultrasound revolutionized healthcare

New advancements in technology, from CT and MRI scanners to balloon catheters and replacement heart valves, have repeatedly revolutionized clinical care. Usually this is due to brand new capabilities that were simply impossible before the new technology came on the… Read more →

Photoacoustic imaging technology moves closer to clinical practice

Photoacoustic imaging can provide clinically relevant information about the molecular composition of objects just below a patient’s skin. This requires shining a laser at the target and then listening for returning sound waves that are created from the laser heating… Read more →

Bioimaging Technique Isolates Moving Tissue

Light-guiding technology could take scientists on a journey inside blood vessels.

The new technology — time-reversed adapted-perturbation (TRAP) optical focusing, developed by a team at Washington University in St. Louis — guides light into tissue to seek movement, such as… Read more →

Super-resolution microscopy of large fields in living cells possible with sCMOS

Super-resolution microscopy using a novel fluorescence microscope has enabled researchers from the Max Planck Institute (Göttingen, Germany) to perform real-time nanoscopic imaging of large fields of living cells for the first time. The microscope, which is equipped with a low-noise,… Read more →


High-speed “label-free” imaging could reveal dangerous plaques

Researchers are close to commercializing a new type of medical imaging technology that could diagnose cardiovascular disease by measuring ultrasound signals from molecules exposed to a fast-pulsing laser.

The system takes precise 3-D images of plaques lining arteries and identifies… Read more →

With $100 Million, Entrepreneur Sees Path to Disrupt Medical Imaging

A scanner the size of an iPhone that you could hold up to a person’s chest and see a vivid, moving, 3-D image of what’s inside is being developed by entrepreneur Jonathan Rothberg. Rothberg says he has raised $100 million… Read more →

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