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Medical Imaging Methods

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Novel ‘designer’ nanodevice could improve cancer diagnostics, treatment

Cancer diagnostics and treatment options could be drastically improved with the creation of a ‘designer’ nanodevice being developed by researchers from the UK, Italy, the US and Argentina.

The diagnostic ‘nanodecoder’, which will consist of self-assembled DNA and protein nanostructures,… Read more →

Philips Digital Pathology Solution receives CE Mark for diagnosis to help advance oncology diagnosis

Royal Philips (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHIA) has acquired the CE mark for diagnostic use of its Philips Digital Pathology Solution. European pathologists will now be able to use the full digital solution as an aid in diagnosis for routine pathology,… Read more →


New technique helps diagnose consciousness in locked-in patients

People locked into a vegetative state due to disease or injury are a major mystery for medical science. Some may be fully unconscious, while others remain aware of what’s going on around them but can’t speak or move to show… Read more →

3D printing enables customized knee replacement surgery

In today’s installment of “How 3D Printing is Changing Healthcare Forever,” a Massachusetts-based medical device company is forging new ground in knee replacement surgery. A combination of CT imaging, modeling software and 3D printing technology is enabling ConforMIS to offer… Read more →

4 Ways Cameras Are Changing Healthcare

When discussing innovation in healthcare technology, much of the terminology is exotic-sounding and futuristic.  Recent examples from this column include: functional MRIs to detect lies, active cancellation of tremor (ACT) to stabilize food utensils for Parkinson’s patients, and virtual assistant… Read more →

New Technique Enables Increasingly Accurate PET Scan

A novel technique which reduces image degradation caused by respiratory motion during a PET scan was developed in a recent study at the University of Eastern Finland. PET scanning is routinely used to detect cancer and heart conditions. The new… Read more →

Microbubbles Help Ultrasound See Blood Vasculature Like Never Before

While you can check out the carotid artery using ultrasound probes, imaging much smaller blood vessels that permeate our bodies is impossible using conventional ultrasound due to its inherent diffraction limit. But, just like with light, a bit of trickery… Read more →

Advanced Imaging System Superior to Human Eye

A new imaging system can attain significantly more color information than the human eye and conventional cameras, potentially enabling assisted-vehicle-driving systems, better identification of counterfeit bills and more accurate medical imaging.

A team at the University of Granada designed the… Read more →

Duke’s Ultra High Resolution Camera for Spotting New Skin Moles to Help Stop Melanoma

Noticing a tiny new lesion on a skin is often the most important step in stopping melanoma. Most of us don’t obsessively examine every inch of our bodies on a regular basis, and even those that do may not notice… Read more →

Kubtec MOZART with TomoSpec 3D Scans Excised Breast Cancer Tissue

Kubtec X-ray, a company out of Milford, CT, won FDA approval for its MOZART with TomoSpec breast specimen radiography system. Device, the first of its kind, features tomosynthesis technology that aims to provide greater confidence to surgeons excising tumors that the… Read more →

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