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Medical Imaging Methods

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Mini Camera Modules Pave Way for Less-Invasive Visualization

Wafer-level packaging, CMOS circuits and MOEMS technologies help realize sub-1-mm camera modules. Imaging and small-sized digital camera modules have become ubiquitous. Only a few years ago, a digital camera recorder was still a considerable investment, and its size and weight… Read more →

Imaging of metastatic cancer may be revolutionized by new non-invasive technique

Bioluminescence, nanoparticles, gene manipulation – these sound like the ideas of a science fiction writer, but, in fact, they are components of an exciting new approach to imaging local and metastatic tumors. In preclinical animal models of metastatic prostate cancer,… Read more →


Novel microscopy technique yields fresh data on muscular dystrophy

Scientists at USC have developed a new microscopy technology that allows them to view single molecules in living animals at higher-than-ever resolution.

A new single-molecule imaging technique developed at USC provides new insights into the role of dystrophin proteins for… Read more →


Telementoring and telepresence device set to transform clinician communication before and during surgery

KARL STORZ has introduced a new product to the UK market that is set to transform the way clinicians communicate and share vital medical information before and during surgery.

VISITOR1®is an internet-based telementoring and telepresence device that makes it easy… Read more →

3D-printed heart model created by Materialise

Materialise (Nasdaq:MTLS), a pioneer in 3D Printing for medical applications, recently created a 3D-printed heart model for doctors at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital to support Bradley White’s case, a 16-year-old boy who was born with a tumor.  With the aid of… Read more →

Lens-free microscopes offer real-time bio imaging

Two years ago, a customer handed Richard Stahl and the imec team a challenge: one year to develop a microscope that could help monitor the growth of stem-cell cultures. The customer was already building a prototype using a phase-contrast microscope,… Read more →

Olympus launches objective lenses, enabling super-deep imaging of tissues, live-cell imaging and light sheet microscopy techniques

Dedicated to multiphoton excitation microscopy, Olympus introduces its XLPLN10XSVMP and XLSLPLN25XGMP objective lenses with an 8 mm working distance and support for a large range of refractive indices (RI). The objectives enable super-deep imaging of tissues treated with the latest clearing… Read more →

‘Electronic Skin’ Could Improve Early Breast Cancer Detection

For detecting cancer, manual breast exams seem low-tech compared to other methods such as MRI. But scientists are now developing an “electronic skin” that “feels” and images small lumps that fingers can miss. Knowing the size and shape of a… Read more →

Trans-Atlantic Tele-Robotic Medicine Breakthroughs

While in Germany, Partho P. Sengupta, MD, of Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai used a computer to perform a robot-assisted trans-Atlantic ultrasound examination on a person in Boston. In another study Kurt Boman, MD, of Umeå University in… Read more →


ADORA Advanced Doctor’s Operational Research Assistant Helps Navigate Radiological Images Hands Free

In our interview with Jakob Šušterič of MESI, a Slovenian finalist in the Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE, we were intrigued by his mention of ADORA, another Slovenian company that’s developing fascinating intraoperative technology. We took a look at what they’re working… Read more →

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