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Engineering the future of Biomedicine: Prof. Michael Brady

In addition to highlighting how engineering is benefiting medicine and biology, it will also shine a light on how the engineers are transforming the industry. These efforts span the entire spectrum of Engineering Science; indeed systems engineering is of increasing… Read more »

Imagining the future of medicine

As part of its mission to promote access to the arts and sciences, the Royal Albert Hall is playing host venue to a historic event on Monday 21 April 2014, celebrating the future of medicine and healthcare, and hosted by… Read more »

Guerbet FlowSens Syringe-Free CT Contrast Injection System

by Editors on Mar 26, 2014 • 4:48 pm

Guerbet, a company outside of Paris, France focusing on contrast injection products, has unveiled a new system that delivers CT contrast injections without using any syringes and utilizing only soft bags. The… Read more →

Quantum microscope may be able to see inside living cells

By combining quantum mechanical quirks of light with a technique called photonic force microscopy, scientists can now probe detailed structures inside living cells like never before. This ability could bring into focus previously invisible processes and help biologists better understand… Read more →

Cedars-Sinai researchers develop unique imaging device to “light up” malignant brain tumors

Cedars-Sinai animal study may lead to human trial of experimental, compact intraoperative device to aid removal of malignant brain tumors

Researchers at the Cedars-Sinai Maxine Dunitz Neurosurgical Institute and Department of Neurosurgery have developed a unique, compact, relatively inexpensive imaging… Read more →

UNC researchers develop new radiation-free ultrasound technique to detect, monitor cancer

While ultrasound provides a less expensive and radiation-free alternative to detecting and monitoring cancer compared to technologies such as X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs, ultrasound has seen limited use in cancer treatment due to clarity and resolution issues. But researchers… Read more →

Silk coat for diamonds makes sleek new imaging, drug delivery tool

Silk and diamonds aren’t just for ties and jewelry anymore. They’re ingredients for a new kind of tiny glowing particle that could provide doctors and researchers with a novel technique for biological imaging and drug delivery.

The new particles, just… Read more →

Magnification fluoroscopy technique drives advances in clinical studies

Thin-film CsI:Tl coatings offer real-time high-resolution video, enabling discoveries in medical research trials. Advances in x-ray imaging techniques are bringing benefits to in vivo imaging applications. One such advance is LabScope, a high-resolution, low-dose magnifying x-ray fluoroscopic system that uses… Read more →

Researchers develop new, safer and noninvasive diagnostic technique for ulcers

Doctors may soon be able to diagnose stomach ulcers without taking tissue samples from the stomach. Researchers from the University of Southern Denmark now report to have developed a new, safer and noninvasive diagnostic technique for ulcers. The trick is… Read more →

Highly sensitive system detects individual molecules for medical diagnostics

Medical diagnostics is searching for substances capable of documenting early on whether a serious disease is developing or what its course will be. In many cases, the treacherous molecules are present only in trace amounts – which is why extremely… Read more →

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