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In-Vitro Diagnostics

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New blood test predicts breast cancer relapse months in advance

Researchers from The Institute of Cancer Research in London have developed a new blood test, or a so-called liquid biopsy, that can detect breast cancer relapse months in advance compared to traditional scans. The technology, published in journal Science Translational… Read more →

MouthLab: A tricorder for rapid medical assessments

At Johns Hopkins University a team of clinicians headed by Gene Fridman, Ph.D., an assistant professor of biomedical engineering and of otolaryngology–head and neck surgery, has developed a device that can help EMTs, doctors, nurses, and patients themselves conduct rapid… Read more →

Two Companies Close In on a Concussion Blood Test

A blood test that could quickly detect a brain injury and measure the damage it has done could help doctors provide better care for the millions of people suffering from such injuries, potentially improving their chances of avoiding long-term disabilities.… Read more →

MouthLab: Patients’ vital signs are just a breath away

Vital sign monitors in hospitals are bulky, restrictive and capture limited information.

A professor-engineer at Johns Hopkins has designed a battery-powered, hand-held, 3-D printed device that acts as a “check-engine light” for people.

The device uses mouthpiece and thumb pad… Read more →

Mexican engineer designs new ring that can help diagnose sexually transmitted diseases

A ring with the ability to diagnose sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia and trichomoniasis was designed by the Mexican Ernesto Rodríguez Leal.

The portable medical device called Hoope is a ring that is placed in the thumb, contains… Read more →

Imaging software could speed breast cancer diagnosis

New software developed by Rice Univ. bioengineers could speed up the diagnosis of breast cancer with 90% accuracy and without the need for a specialist, according to research published in Breast Cancer Research.

Researchers said the software could improve breast… Read more →

Researchers find way to screen blood samples to detect presence of precancerous polyps in the colon

Canadian researchers have found a way to screen blood samples for molecular traces that indicate the presence of precancerous polyps in the colon, a key warning sign for colon cancer. Their results, published this week in the journal Biomedical Optics… Read more →

Smartphone device runs ELISA tests, helps fit a clinical lab in doctor’s tote

ELISA tests (enzyme-linked immunosorbant assays) are a standard in clinical laboratories for spotting antibodies that point to the presence of various diseases. The machines that analyze the ELISA plate samples are the size of desktop printers, and are not particularly portable… Read more →

Cepheid, FIND unveil new portable molecular diagnostics system for patients suspected of TB, HIV and Ebola

Cepheid (Nasdaq: CPHD) and FIND today unveiled the GeneXpert® Omni, the world’s most portable molecular diagnostics system enabling unprecedented access to accurate, fast and potentially life-saving diagnosis for patients suspected of TB, HIV and Ebola in even the most remote… Read more →

Tweaked enzyme that produces light could improve medical diagnostics

With the goal of a low-cost, simple, and highly accurate detection system that could change medical diagnostics, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL; Switzerland) scientists have chemically tweaked the enzyme responsible for the light of firefliesRead more →

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