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In-Vitro Diagnostics

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Researchers develop noninvasive method to detect kidney cancer early

If kidney cancer is diagnosed early — before it spreads — 80 percent of patients survive. However, finding it early has been among the disease’s greatest challenges.

Now, researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have developed… Read more →

Additive manufacturing could greatly improve diabetes management

Engineers at Oregon State Univ. (OSU) have used additive manufacturing to create an improved type of glucose sensor for patients with Type 1diabetes, part of a system that should work better, cost less and be more comfortable for the patient.

Read more →

Sugar monitoring made easy

After my dad lost a file with over a 100 blood sugar readings, carefully collected and manually stored over the 30 years that he has been battling with diabetes, I decided to create a wireless device that could read and… Read more →

Potentially life-saving sensor detects cyanide poisoning in just over a minute

As any classic murder mystery or spy thriller will tell you, cyanide is a poison that acts quickly. Once exposed to it, a person can die within 30 minutes. Unfortunately for people who think they might have encountered it, the… Read more →

Better Visualization and Detection of HIV and Other Pathogens

Researchers at Georgia Tech, Emory University School of Medicine, and Yerkes National Primate Research Center have created a way to visualize the simian immunodeficiency virus (SIV) replication process in real time and in vivo. By using a technique called immunoPET, or antibody-targeted… Read more →

Liquid biopsy identifies type of cancer from blood draw

Since chemotherapy agents must be selectively chosen to target each person’s unique type of tumor, biopsies are performed and sent to the pathology lab for genotyping. Researchers at Singapore’s A*STAR Agency for Science, Technology and Research have created a “liquid biopsy”… Read more →

European launch of the Proxima miniature in-line blood gas analyser at ISICEM 2015

Patient-dedicated system supports rapid and frequent bedside blood gas measurements at critical times

The new Proxima in-line patient-dedicated blood gas analyser incorporates Proxima Sensor (in foreground) and dedicated bedside monitor

Sphere Medical, innovator in critical care monitoring and diagnostics equipment,… Read more →

Apollo signs license option deal with Case Western to develop point-of-care blood analyzer

A blood test yields a wealth of information crucial to a person’s health. What’s needed is a device that is small and inexpensive, yet capable of quickly providing a thorough analysis using a very small sample.

With a two-year option… Read more →

Oral swabs: New approach to diagnosing TB

Drawing inspiration from veterinary medicine, researchers at the University of Washington have helped developed a new prospective approach to diagnosing tuberculosis (TB) — easy-to-obtain oral swab samples, greatly improving on standard diagnostics.

“Care and control of the disease TB really… Read more →

NYU study successfully screens for diabetes at dental visits using oral blood

Researchers find a 99 percent correlation between tests for hemoglobin A1c at dental visits using finger stick and oral blood

It is estimated that 8.1 million of the 29.1 million Americans living with diabetes are undiagnosed and many who have… Read more →

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