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In-Vitro Diagnostics

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Tweaked enzyme that produces light could improve medical diagnostics

With the goal of a low-cost, simple, and highly accurate detection system that could change medical diagnostics, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL; Switzerland) scientists have chemically tweaked the enzyme responsible for the light of firefliesRead more →

Inkjet printing innovation marks advance in personalised health testing

Diagnostic tests for anything from the flu to rare and deadly diseases such as Ebola could soon be printed easily and cheaply onto a single sheet of paper.

Product design and development specialists Cambridge Consultants have created a technology, called… Read more →

Checking Your Blood Sugar–Without Checking Your Blood

In order to monitor their blood glucose levels, diabetics typically have to perform painful and inconvenient finger-prick blood tests – in some cases, several times a day. Using an implantable glucose-monitoring sensor is one alternative, although it must be… Read more →

$2 Paper Machine Performs DNA Disease Diagnostics

DNA testing is a now a common feature of hospital laboratories in helping diagnose diseased patients. The business of preparing samples, amplifying nucleic acid sequences, and detecting the presence of specific sequences of DNA requires trained staff, professional equipment, and… Read more →

Sensor Chip to More Accurately Spot Signs of Prostate Cancer

Today, prostate cancer diagnosis is performed using antibody detection, but the technique is both difficult and leads to too many false positives. At the University of Birmingham in the UK, researchers are taking a different approach that may help improve the accuracy… Read more →

Optical device takes after a dog’s nose to sniff out disease

When things in our body go awry, through disease or infection, for example, the types of molecules in our breath can change. These variations have presented researchers around the world with a very real opportunity to detect various conditions, including… Read more →

New Diagnostic Detects Sepsis in Three Hours

Sepsis, a serious complication of infection, affects more than one million Americans per year and is the most expensive hospital-treated condition, costing hospitals $20 billion in 2011. Early detection and treatment is key when it comes to sepsis, but current… Read more →

A perfect blood test for pancreatic cancer?

Researchers at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston have identified a large and readily detectable molecule that circulates in the blood and has identified, with perfect accuracy and no false positives, the presence of pancreatic cancer in a small group… Read more →

Unique diagnostic test could help detect world’s deadliest superbugs, infectious diseases

Infectious diseases such as hepatitis C and some of the world’s deadliest superbugs—C. difficile and MRSA among them—could soon be detected much earlier by a unique diagnostic test, designed to easily and quickly identify dangerous pathogens.

Researchers at McMaster University… Read more →

Fingerprick test quickly diagnoses Ebola

As the Ebola outbreak simmers on in West Africa, researchers have shown the utility of a rapid test for the virus that could help contain another epidemic. The ReEBOV test, which needs only a fingerprick of blood and gives results… Read more →

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