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Environmental and Assistive Engineering

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Hospitalized Kids Go to School Using Virtual Presence Robots

Kids stuck in the hospital during the school year must still keep up with their studies, a pretty big challenge if you miss all the classes. Learning alone and without your teacher to lead the way is no fun and… Read more →

New device delivers sound through tongue to let deaf people hear

While we naturally think that we hear with our ears, it is really the brain that converts sound waves into what we perceive as sound. Our most distinctive organ also has a lot of plasticity, being able to adapt its… Read more →

Wearable airbag designed to protect seniors when they fall

For anyone who uses a car, collisions are an ever-present danger – that’s why vehicles are equipped with safety features such as airbags. For senior citizens, however, simply falling down can also result in life-changing injuries. With that in mind,… Read more →


3D printing helps teens build better wheelchair

Sixteen-year-old Mohammad Sayed wanted more from his wheelchair. So he started hacking the thing.

Sayed is a student at NuVu, an experimental high school in Cambridge, Massachusetts where students learn practical skills through hands-on projects, and for one his projects, he… Read more →

Valedo Turns Video Games Into Smart Back Training Exercises (VIDEO)

At CES this week, Hocoma, a Swiss firm, is showing off its Valedo lower back exercise and therapy device. It sticks to the back of the spine and continuously detects the posture of its user. While other similar devices are… Read more →


Haptic tech gives space robots a human touch

Astronauts in space or humans on Earth might one day be able to extend their sense of touch to remote-controlled robots in space. On 5 January Nasa astronaut Barry Wilmore’s first ever Haptics-1 experiment — performing robotic force reflection aboard the… Read more →

Robodynamics’ Luna personal robot hits Kickstarter

Back in 2011, Gizmag looked at Robodynamics’ Luna personal robot. At that time, the details were a bit scarce, though the company did say that the machine was shipping that year. As 2014 draws to a close, Luna has still… Read more →

The best medical technologies of 2014

Medgadget has been around for a good ten years now, covering the developments in medical technology better than anyone else. There is no other news source that’s as obsessively focused on reporting the technological developments that are changing clinical practice… Read more →

Fifth graders 3D print a prosthetic leg for Stumpy the turtle

Advances in 3D printing have made it hard to keep up with the new breed of prostheses and their impacts on human life, but its potential in the animal kingdom has been largely unexplored. Much like Derby the disabled dog,… Read more →


3D printed Exo-Prosthetic leg designed to be affordable – and beautiful

Although 3D printing is revolutionizing prosthesis manufacturing, enabling fast, accessible, low cost production, aesthetics is lagging behind. The Exo-Prosthetic leg could be an alternative to the traditional “robotic” prosthesis, using 3D scanning, modeling and printing technology to create a customizable… Read more →

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