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Environmental and Assistive Engineering

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Head-controlled smartphone is perfect for the disabled

Shortly after appearing on Israeli television with a new computer game you control merely by moving your head, Oded Ben Dov got a phone call.It came from a complete stranger who just happened to see this TV appearance, and he… Read more →

Virtual reality hand training with haptic technology

People with motor neuron diseases can benefit from repetitive training of their hands to improve strength, coordination, and ability to perform basic tasks. Virtual reality (VR) is a great enabler of this, allowing to create game routines where patients can… Read more →

10 finalists chosen for dare-to-dream Medtech Design Challenge (Wound Glove)

How does the device work? The rubber glove that must be worn by the healthcare provider will be printed or embossed with a measuring scale along index finger, thumb and medial aspect of hand. This allows for a simple inexpensive… Read more →

10 finalists chosen for dare-to-dream Medtech Design Challenge (PureWick)

PureWick For Women

How does the device work? A perforated, contoured tube wrapped in wicking material (a “Wick”) is positioned comfortably between a female user’s legs. It is meant to snugly hug, but not enter, the perineum. Urine is captured… Read more →

Youbionic developing low-cost 3D-printed bionic hand

Italian start-up Youbionic has created a functional, myoelectric bionic hand using 3D printing and Arduino components. While still at prototype stage, the company says that its research will result in a prosthetic hand that costs a tenth or less than… Read more →

10 finalists chosen for dare-to-dream Medtech Design Challenge (Synchroject)


How does the device work? Imagine a delivery system in which a powder and liquid can be mixed and delivered in one single maneuver. No ancillary saline, syringes or equipment needed. No measuring, dripping or spillage. No cross contamination… Read more →

Low-cost 3D-printed prosthetic hand to be tested on amputees in Ecuador

A PhD candidate and six undergraduate students at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UCIC) have created a low-cost, programmable, 3D-printed prosthetic hand that may soon change the lives of amputees in Ecuador. The hand costs just US$270 to manufacture,… Read more →

NEBIAS robotic hand with novel interface lets users feel

The NEBIAS project (NEurocontrolled BIdirectional Artificial upper limb and hand prosthesiS) is a European collaboration to build a highly advanced prosthetic hand capable, among other things, of letting its user actually feel what’s between the fingers. The device has been… Read more →

Microsoft developing bone-conduction headset that guides the blind

While the act of walking down the street might be second nature to most of us, it can be a much more difficult experience for those who are blind or visually impaired. To combat the issue, Microsoft has developed a… Read more →

Maryam Shanechi | Innovators Under 35

Using control theory to build better interfaces to the brain.

“I was born in Iran. My family immigrated to Canada when I was 16. My parents wanted a better education for me, my brother, and sister. I started out working… Read more →

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