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Environmental and Assistive Engineering

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Darpa funds soft exoskeleton trousers

Exoskeletons have helped people achieve incredible things. They have helped the paralysed “walk” again, aiding in their therapy by giving nerve endings and muscles the exercise they otherwise wouldn’t. They are helping increase safety measures in work environments where heavy-lifting… Read more →

A Day in the Life in 2025 – Digital Medicine a Reality for Managing Aging in a Connected World

Many of us have aging parents in our lives that we care for in some way. As digital medicine continues to transform, I often wonder what the world will look like for our parents and us in 2025 – which… Read more →

Custom Wheelchair With Push Rowing Action Developed by Rice Students for Kid’s Unique Needs

Many people have to use wheelchairs for conditions other than lower body paralysis. A variety of muscle and joint disorders can make both arms and legs ineffective, and even operating traditional wheelchairs can be a challenge. For people like Pedro,… Read more →

Researcher designs remote medical care system to support rehabilitation of people with spasticity

Yadira Alatriste, researcher at the Autonomous Metropolitan University of Mexico (UAM) designed a remote medical care system that supports the rehabilitation of people with spasticity, an alteration of the nervous system related to increased tone muscle making motor skills difficult… Read more →

French Ministry of Health approves financial support for Second Sight Argus II Retinal Prosthesis System

Second Sight Medical Products Inc. (Second Sight) today announces that the French Ministry of Health has officially approved financial support for the Argus II Retinal Prosthesis System. Through the Forfait Innovation scheme, the French Government will pay for the first… Read more →


Pediatric surgical robot inspired by ISS remote manipulator arm

The technology that built (and continues to maintain) the International Space Station can now be used to help heal sick children. KidsArm, a robotic arm designed for delicate pediatric surgery, was built by the same companies that are behind the… Read more →

Exoskeleton legs let you pull up a pew anywhere

Are we human or are we cyborg? Given that many of us are permanently attached to our smartphones, the answer may not be as clear cut as we think. A new wearable device developed by a Swiss company might challenge… Read more →

New program for OneBusAway app makes buses more user-friendly for blind riders

It’s a daily routine for many transit riders in the Seattle area: Pull out your smartphone, check the OneBusAway app, then decide whether you need to sprint to the bus stop or can afford that last sip of coffee. The… Read more →

Sit & Stand Walking Assistant May Replace Boring Old Crutches

Traditional crutches essentially offload a person’s weight from the injured leg to the upper body, either via the armpits or forearms. This can be uncomfortable and many people simply don’t have the upper body strength to use normal crutches. There have… Read more →

Bypassing the brain with computers could assist walking rehab

Researchers believe they have made a breakthrough in the rehabilitation of individuals with walking difficulties caused by spinal cord injuries, by bypassing commands from the brain to the legs using a computer.Instead of employing the brain, the technique uses arm movements and a computer… Read more →

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