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Environmental and Assistive Engineering

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Researchers Test Device to Help Deaf Children Detect Sounds

At age 3, Angelica Lopez is helping to break a sound barrier for deaf children.

Born without working auditory nerves, she can detect sounds for the first time – and start to mimic them – after undergoing brain surgery to… Read more →

‘Smart trousers’ could replace wheelchairs

A team of roboticists from across Britain is developing a pair of ‘smart trousers’ with artificial muscles to help the elderly and disabled move around.

It’s part of a wider project titled ‘Wearable Soft Robotics for Independent Living’, which has… Read more →

Hip protector can reduce risk of hip fractures

Are you well used to wearing studded shoes in winter? If so, you’re probably ready for yet another step towards tackling the eternally icy winter streets. Last week it was extremely cold in Oslo. On average, every day in January… Read more →

The future of prosthetics: Nigel Ackland

In 2006 Ackland suffered a life-changing accident at work when his right forearm was crushed in an industrial blender. That was followed by six months of pain, surgery and infections before he made the decision to have an elective trans-radial… Read more →

Not Impossible Now’s Eye Tracking Keyboard for the Severely Disabled

Though ALS is a progressive, crippling condition, technology can help patients maintain some sense of normalcy. The good folks at Not Impossible Now, an organization that’s developing cheap and practical solutions for disabled people, has been working on an off-the-shelf… Read more →

Vibrating glove uses ultrasonic echolocation to help the blind

Two manufacturing engineering and management students from Nottingham University have developed a glove that uses vibration signals to alert blind people to the proximity of objects. The SenSei Glove, developed by students Raivat Luthura and Serkan Oztas consists of a glove… Read more →

Here’s Proof That Home Healthcare Market Is Growing Rapidly

As patients age, get more empowered and healthcare is not solely concentrated in clinics and hospitals, another market for medical devices and diagnostics is growing: the home healthcare market.

A new report finds that the global home healthcare market will… Read more →

Video game technology helps measure upper extremity movement

Researchers at Nationwide Children’s Hospital have developed a way to measure upper extremity movement in patients with muscular dystrophy using interactive video game technology. Their hope is to expand inclusion criteria for clinical trials to incorporate patients using wheelchairs.

In… Read more →

Coral tentacles inspire bio-sock shown to treat Deep Vein Thrombosis

The onset of Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), whereby a clot forms in the veins and obstructs blood flow, is a legitimate concern for people unable to move their legs. The condition can become truly life-threatening if the clot finds its… Read more →

Tiny robotic hands could improve cancer diagnostics, drug delivery

Many people imagine robots today as clunky, metal versions of humans, but scientists are forging new territory in the field of “soft robotics”. One of the latest advances is a flexible, microscopic hand-like gripper. The development could help doctors perform… Read more →

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