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Environmental and Assistive Engineering

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Handiii: A Sub $300, 3D printed, smart-phone connected bionic arm

Exiii, a Japanese prosthetics company, has developed a smartphone-connected, EMG-controlled prosthetic arm called the handiii COYOTE. The device was developed as a low cost, highly functional myoelectric arm, but ended up as a pretty stunning piece of hardware which can be manufactured for less than… Read more →

Shape-memory wire simulates muscle in high-precision artificial hand

Whether they’re on robots or amputees, artificial hands tend to be rather complex mechanisms, incorporating numerous motor-driven cables. Engineers from Germany’s Saarland University, however, have taken a different approach with their hand. It moves its fingers via shape-memory nickel-titanium alloy… Read more →

PUMA project develops innovative device to prevent risk of pressure ulcer

The European research project PUMA (Pressure Ulcer Measurement and Actuation) technically coordinated by the Biomechanics Institute (IBV) has developed an innovative portable and non-invasive device to prevent and early detect the risk of Pressure Ulcer (PU) development and revert its… Read more →

Nottingham student announced winner in Dragon’s Den style contest dedicated to improve bus journeys for disabled

Transport Minister Baroness Kramer announces winner in competition to improve bus journeys for people with sight and hearing impairments

Transport Minister Baroness Kramer unveiled the winning entry – a vibrating wrist band – in a competition challenging tech-savvy students to… Read more →

Child receives his own ‘Iron Man’ arm

Robert Downey Jr. may be Iron Man in the popular Marvel superhero films, but he recently dealt in some advanced bionic technology himself.

Downey recently presented a robotic arm to young Alex Pring, a Central Florida boy who is missing… Read more →

Prosthetic arm takes alternate route to mind control

Researchers from the Medical University of Vienna have developed a technique that allows amputees to control a robotic prosthesis with their mind when there’s no neural connection left to exploit between the brain and the part of the hand that… Read more →


College kids make robotic arms for children without real ones

By the time Cynthia Falardeau read about Alex Pring, a little boy who got a battery-powered robotic arm last summer, she had made peace with her son Wyatt’s limb difference.

Her premature baby had been born with his right arm… Read more →


SEnS soft exoskeleton enhances sensorimotor functions

Scientists have created an exoskeleton without any electronic motors, heavy batteries and pneumatic actuators called the Sensorimotor Enhancing Suit (SEnS). The soft upper body vest is made out of flexible fabrics and enhances sensorimotor functions by reducing the load on… Read more →

Robotic hands for stroke rehab

A team of European researchers have been developing robotic gloves aimed at helping stroke victims to receive advanced therapy at home. The SCRIPT project (Supervised Care and Rehabilitation Involving Personal Tele-robotics) has led to two prototypes that help develop hand and… Read more →

Lully helps parents sleep easier by preventing a child’s night terrors

Lully may be able to prevent children from suffering with night terrors, all thanks to nothing but a few gentle vibrations

When a child is suffering from disturbed sleep, the whole family suffers along with them. Lully is a new… Read more →

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