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Environmental and Assistive Engineering

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Google embeds camera in smart contact lens

Earlier this year, Wired.co.uk wrote about Google’s invention of a smart contact lens that could monitor blood glucose levels through tear fluid. Now, the tech giant has invented another pair of lenses with an in-built camera.The lenses were developed in… Read more →

Physical function, sense of autonomy are independent determinants of life-space mobility in older people

Physical function and sense of autonomy are independent determinants of life-space mobility in older people. This was found in a study conducted at the Gerontology Research Center of the University of Jyväskylä. In this project, 848 older men and women… Read more →

Researchers use Google Glass to help Parkinson’s sufferers

Researchers at Newcastle University in the UK have conducted a study into how Google Glass can be used to assist sufferers of Parkinson’s disease. The team is working directly with patients to develop straightforward and useful technology that will help… Read more →

The Great Debate 2014: Orthopaedic Surgery: Prof. Justin Cobb

As you may be aware, this year we are joining forces with the 15th EFORT Congress running the 4th – 6th June 2014 at London ExCEL. Embedded within the biggest orthopaedic conference in Europe, we are running two sessions within the main… Read more »

Cybathlon Championship for Robot-Assisted Para-Athletes Set for 2016

The Paralympic Games are an excellent venue for disabled people to compete in a variety of sports, but the rules limit the gadgetry that can be used to assist the athletes. A new event, aimed precisely at putting assistive technologies… Read more →

The next big thing you missed: 3-D printing promises better bionic limbs for the war-wounded

David Sengeh grew up in Sierra Leone during the African country’s decade-long civil war. The horribly bloody conflict was defined not just by the enormous death toll, but by the way rebel armies systematically severed the limbs of their enemies,… Read more →

2014 Medical Design Excellence Awards


For 17 years the Medical Design Excellence Awards (MDEA) program has honored advances in medical product design and engineering that improve the quality of healthcare delivery and accessibility. The awards celebrate the achievements of medical product manufacturers, their suppliers,… Read more →

How next generation bionic devices will help everyone trek through life

Prostheses and other body worn devices are changing how many people live and adapt to the world around us. Bionics, a field that applies biological concepts to building man-made devices, is revolutionizing not only how prostheses are built, but how… Read more →

Engineering the future of Biomedicine: Prof. Michael Brady

In addition to highlighting how engineering is benefiting medicine and biology, it will also shine a light on how the engineers are transforming the industry. These efforts span the entire spectrum of Engineering Science; indeed systems engineering is of increasing… Read more »

Hamlyn symposium on medical robotics

Every year researchers, clinicians and engineers are invited to submit papers on a range of topics. The expert Programme Committee reviews all papers by rating them against particular criteria.   The Symposium is in its seventh year. It is now… Read more »

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