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Environmental and Assistive Engineering

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Sit & Stand Walking Assistant May Replace Boring Old Crutches

Traditional crutches essentially offload a person’s weight from the injured leg to the upper body, either via the armpits or forearms. This can be uncomfortable and many people simply don’t have the upper body strength to use normal crutches. There have… Read more →

Bypassing the brain with computers could assist walking rehab

Researchers believe they have made a breakthrough in the rehabilitation of individuals with walking difficulties caused by spinal cord injuries, by bypassing commands from the brain to the legs using a computer.Instead of employing the brain, the technique uses arm movements and a computer… Read more →


HexHog Wheelchair Takes Riders Just About Anywhere Offroad

Taking a wheelchair outside means having to stay on sidewalks and worrying about any obstacles on the way. This is the reality for many that don’t have control of their legs and so the great outdoors are largely closed to… Read more →


Letting Patients Control Their Homes With Their Minds


Philips and Accenture have partnered with Emotiv on a proof of concept that uses brainwaves to control patient environments.Philips Healthcare has partnered with Accenture and brain-computer interface manufacturer Emotiv on a proof of concept that uses wearable technology to… Read more →

EU Researchers Use Brainpower to Get Moving

Grabbing a glass or typing an email: these are some everyday gestures that are not possible for people with serious physical impairments – even though they have the will and the brainpower to do so. EU-funded projects such as TOBI… Read more →

Ability Dynamics secures distribution in Canada for RUSH HiPro and RUSH LoPro prosthetic feet

Ability Dynamics, LLC announced today it has secured an exclusive Canadian distribution relationship for its flagship products the RUSH™ HiPro and the RUSH™ LoPro prosthetic feet.

In keeping with the company’s commitment to utilize only top-tier distributors, Ability Dynamics products… Read more →

“Seeing” through virtual touch is believing

Visual impairment comes in many forms, and it’s on the rise in America.

A Univ. of Cincinnati experiment aimed at this diverse and growing population could spark development of advanced tools to help all the aging baby boomers, injured veterans,… Read more →

On the frontiers of cyborg science

No longer just fantastical fodder for sci-fi buffs, cyborg technology is bringing us tangible progress toward real-life electronic skin, prosthetics and ultraflexible circuits. Now taking this human-machine concept to an unprecedented level, pioneering scientists are working on the seamless marriage… Read more →

Engineer designs DIY bionic hand for anonymous boy he met in an elevator

It seems like hardly a month goes by without news reaching us of advances in the field of bionic hands. Unfortunately, however, these high-tech prostheses can be very costly to purchase, with prices ranging into the tens of thousands of… Read more →

Telephone support program beneficial for caregivers of those with dementia: Helps reduce symptoms of caregiver depression, health issues

Rhode Island Hospital researchers have found that a support program administered entirely by telephone can significantly reduce depression and other symptoms in informal caregivers, such as family or friends, of individuals with dementia. The study is published online in advance… Read more →

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