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Environmental and Assistive Engineering

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MotionSavvy UNI sign language interpreter gives a voice to the deaf and hard of hearing

Life can be very hard for those who are deaf or hard of hearing. There’s the frustration that comes when people simply have trouble communicating with you. Unfortunately, for many of the 370 million deaf people in the world, their inability… Read more →

Sandia Dynamic Leg Prosthesis Technology Auto-Adjusts for All Day Fit (VIDEO)

While custom sockets for prosthetic legs may sound like a great thing, they don’t conform to the changing shape of an amputee’s stump. That’s because live tissue can gain or lose interstitial compartment fluid volume throughout the day, turning any… Read more →

SightCompass uses Bluetooth beacons to inform visually impaired of their surroundings

With their GPS capabilities and navigation apps, smartphones have undoubtedly made it easier for us to find our way around. The good news is we are starting to see these benefits extended to the visually impaired. SightCompass is a system… Read more →

Transcense App Transcribes Everyday Conversations for Deaf Folks (VIDEO)

While deaf and hard of hearing people would probably love to listen to the cardinal’s song, in practice it is not being able to hear the song of humans that is particularly difficult and frustrating. A new app aims to… Read more →

Man Locked-In After Stroke Communicates Again via Brain-Computer Interface

Finding yourself “locked-in” due to disease or injury is probably one of the most frightening and mentally challenging situations a person can find oneself in. Until recently, these patients had little to hope for, but things are quickly changing as a… Read more →

Prosthetic hand recreates feeling of cotton bud touch

For the first time, a prosthesis has allowed people missing a hand to perceive a natural sense of touch that we so often take for granted. So good is the sensation that one man, on leaving the lab where he… Read more →

Nearly Half of All Seniors Need Help With Daily Activities, Far More Than We Thought

Nearly 18 million older adults, or nearly half of everyone 65 and older, report that they need some assistance with routine daily activities. That’s significantly more than generally believed and suggests that the burden on families and the overall care… Read more →

HelloSpoon Mealtime Robot Helps Those That Can’t Feed Themselves

Old age and disease can make it difficult to use upper extremities, often leaving people who can’t use dining utensils to rely on others to feed them. Luis Garcia, a mechanical engineer in Mexico, has developed a new device that… Read more →

Invisaband bracelet claimed to make you undetectable to mosquitoes

Lathering yourself in smelly, mosquito-repelling lotions might not be ideal, but it’s better than those itchy red swellings that pop up on any skin left exposed …. not to mention the fact that these blood-sucking pests are better than most… Read more →

Researchers create speech-to-text software for Google Glass to help hard-of-hearing users

A team of Georgia Institute of Technology researchers has created speech-to-text software for Google Glass that helps hard-of-hearing users with everyday conversations. A hard-of-hearing person wears Glass while a second person speaks directly into a smartphone. The speech is converted… Read more →

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