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E-Health & Human-Computer interactions

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Dexcom G5 Mobile Bluetooth-Enabled Continuous Glucose Monitor FDA Approved


Dexcom won FDA approval for its new Dexcom G5 Mobile continuous glucose monitoring system that features a Bluetooth-enabled sensor that talks directly to Apple iOS devices. The readings show up within the Dexcom Follow app and can be automatically… Read more →


Augmented Reality System Helps Military Surgeons Treat Wounded Warriors (VIDEO)

Scientific collaborators at Purdue University and the Indiana University School of Medicine have been working on new technology to help surgeons on the battlefield receive guidance from remote specialists when dealing with difficult trauma cases. There are existing systems that allow a… Read more →


Mouth guard monitors health markers

Engineers at the Univ. of California, San Diego, have developed a mouth guard that can monitor health markers, such as lactate, cortisol and uric acid, in saliva and transmit the information wirelessly to a smartphone, laptop or tablet.

The technology,… Read more →

New device turns paralysis victims’ breath into words

A new device which transforms paralysis victims’ breath into words – believed to be the first invention of its kind – has been developed by academics from Loughborough University.

Billed as a tool to help bring back the art of… Read more →

SmartPill Successfully Measures pH Inside Gut

Swallowable electronic pills that monitor the state of the gastrointestinal system may change how diseases of the GI tract are diagnosed, monitored, and studied. So far the FDA has approved only the SmartPill from Given Imaging (Yoqneam, Israel) now part… Read more →

Mexican engineer designs new ring that can help diagnose sexually transmitted diseases

A ring with the ability to diagnose sexually transmitted diseases like syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia and trichomoniasis was designed by the Mexican Ernesto Rodríguez Leal.

The portable medical device called Hoope is a ring that is placed in the thumb, contains… Read more →

HealthWatch MCD Works with ECG Shirt to Record, Wirelessly Transmit Heart Data

HealthWatch Technologies, a firm out of Tel Aviv, Israel, just won CE mark approval for its MasterCaution Device (MCD), an ECG that can work as a Holter monitor and event recorder that can send readings wirelessly over Bluetooth. The MCD… Read more →

Eye-Tracking Goggles Look for Concussions

Experimental technology aims to bring the doctor’s office to the sidelines.

Identification of childhood speech disorders using facial motion capture

Facial motion capture is a technology used in computer animation to simulate the facial expressions of real people when creating animated characters for video games or movies. By converting facial movements into a digital database, based on specific reference points… Read more →

Wize Mirror to monitor health, prevent cardio-metabolic diseases

Seasoned primary care physicians often have an uncanny ability to notice symptoms by simply looking at their patients. Skin tone, heart rate, and body temperature are some of the signals that clinicians pick up on, and so a consortium of EU… Read more →

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