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MedTech Week 2014

MedTech Week 2014 is the fourth of UCL’s Institute of Biomedical Engineering (IBME) week-long annual events (18th-20th June) aimed at staff and students wanting to know more about the medical technology and biomedical engineering landscape at UCL. It includes the… Read more »

Google Glass in Pediatric Surgical Practice

Google Glass made its debut in a flurry of controversy, offering not just new technological capabilities but also a lot of concern about privacy, the nature of human interaction, and whether we will all soon be assimilated. But Glass wasn’t… Read more →

IBME Digital Health Devices event

The event features as part of the IBME’s MedTech Week 2014, which showcases medical technology/innovations and biomedical engineering across UCL. The event is being co-organised by the IBME and the Festival for Digital Health.

Event booking info http://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/ibme-digital-health-devices-tickets-11314186035


New study finds consistent weekly patterns in health-related Google searches

Study in American Journal of Preventive Medicine finds consistent weekly pattern in Google health searches

A new study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine analyzing weekly patterns in health-related Google searches reveals a recurring pattern that could be leveraged… Read more →

We turn brainwaves into sound for music and medicine

A neuroscientist and a musician explain how they built the Brain Stethoscope, which is both brain scanner and musical instrument

Why is a cellist and sound artist collaborating with someone who deals with brain disorders? Chris Chafe: I am working… Read more →

Steth IO Smartphone Powered Stethoscope

Stethoscopes may seem like they’re going out of style, considering all the new medical gadgetry being released, but they remain an essential tool for cardiologists, primary care physicians, and others. To bring them into the 21st century, a fifteen year-old… Read more →

What mHealth Can Do for You

Neelie Kroes, Vice-President of the European Commission, responsible for the Digital Agenda, said: “mHealth is just one of the benefits of a #ConnectedContinent – helping patients, doctors and carers take control, wherever they are. From simple apps which help you… Read more →

Green Paper on Mobile Health (mHealth)

Mobile health (hereafter “mHealth”) covers “medical and public health practice supported by mobile devices, such as mobile phones, patient monitoring devices, personal digital assistants (PDAs), and other wireless devices”. It also includes applications (hereafter “apps”) such as lifestyle and wellbeing… Read more →

Yes, There’s an App To Reduce Heart Failure Hospital Readmissions


Managing heart failure patients has become such a priority at hospitals that even device companies like Medtronic have jumped into the fray. Medtronic bought a telemedicine company last year to help monitor these chronic patients from afar thereby helping… Read more →

Researchers use Google Glass to help Parkinson’s sufferers

Researchers at Newcastle University in the UK have conducted a study into how Google Glass can be used to assist sufferers of Parkinson’s disease. The team is working directly with patients to develop straightforward and useful technology that will help… Read more →

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