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E-Health & Human-Computer interactions

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Black Hat 2014: Open Source Could Solve Medical Device Security


The keynote address at this year’s Black Hat network security convention was delivered by Dan Geer, chief information security officer at venture capital firm In-Q-Tel. In-Q-Tel works closely with the U.S. Intelligence Community and Geer is known in the… Read more →

eShield Covers Let You Bring Phones, Cameras, Tablets Inside Operating Rooms

While tablets and smartphones have been revolutionizing many aspects of medicine, it’s been awfully hard to safely bring electronics into operating rooms for sterile use. Now a new product called eShield has been FDA approved that will let you use… Read more →

Cyber Attack Nets 4.5 Million Records From Large Hospital System

In what could well be the largest single health data breach by a publicly traded company, Community Health Systems (CHS) announced earlier today that information on 4.5 million patients was stolen as part of a cyber attack they believe originated… Read more →

Tissue development ‘roadmap’ created to guide stem cell medicine

In a boon to stem cell research and regenerative medicine, scientists have created a computer algorithm called CellNet as a ‘roadmap’ for cell and tissue engineering, to ensure that cells engineered in the lab have the same favorable properties as… Read more →

WEMU, smart clothing for epilepsy monitoring and diagnosis

A collaborative effort by a French medical device company (Bioserenity), a British epilepsy organization (Epilepsy Action), and a French epilepsy organization (Efappe) has led to the first of a kind smart clothing system and companion app that help monitor and… Read more →

As Genomics Moves to Clinical Domain, Bio-IT Plays Key Role


Genomics is moving from research to clinical field, and bio-IT companies like Edico Genome may help power the transition to personalized medicine in a faster, accurate and cost-effective manner.

As gene sequencing machines have gotten faster and faster, they… Read more →

Wearables move from the “worried well” consumer market to clinical domain

Thanks, Google!

With the recent press on Google’s new frontier of the human body called the Baseline Study, we are seeing captivating images of a contact lens embedded with a glucose sensor to measure glucose in tears. Google has struck… Read more →

On the frontiers of cyborg science

No longer just fantastical fodder for sci-fi buffs, cyborg technology is bringing us tangible progress toward real-life electronic skin, prosthetics and ultraflexible circuits. Now taking this human-machine concept to an unprecedented level, pioneering scientists are working on the seamless marriage… Read more →

All healthcare professionals should have secure access to GP record

An overwhelming majority of the British public – 85% – want any healthcare professional treating them to have secure electronic access to key data from the GP record, according to new research from YouGov. The majority of these believe this… Read more →

Will human factors engineers have a role in medtech’s future?


As autonomous, intelligent medical devices that effectively manage chronic conditions without constantly reminding patients of their disease become reality, will human factors engineers still be needed?

As patients and caregivers become key stakeholders, human factors engineering and user-focused methods… Read more →

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