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E-Health & Human-Computer interactions

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E-skin and pocket-sized diagnostic machines give patients the power back

Wearable E-skin that can measure heart rate and blood pressure, and paper diagnostic machines the size of a credit card that can give instant readings on blood and saliva samples are two new bio-sensing technologies presented at Elsevier’s 4th International… Read more →

Performance-enhancing wearable hydration sensor provides immediate feedback

A wearable device being developed by the University of Strathclyde will provide real-time data analysis of fluid loss during exercise to enhance the performance of fitness enthusiasts and elite athletes. The innovative transdermal sensor is a small device that attaches… Read more →

Cybersecurity and the artificial pancreas — what are the risks?

An artificial pancreas, designed for blood glucose control in diabetes, is controlled by software that runs on mobile computing platforms such as laptops, tablets, and smartphones, and operates over wireless networks under local or remote medical supervision. As optimal function… Read more →

Electronic memory may bring bionic brain one step closer

Using a matrix of nano-sized memristors, researchers working at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) and the University of California, Santa Barbara claim to have constructed the world’s first electronic memory cell that effectively mimics the analog process of… Read more →


The BioDigital Human: Exploring Health in 3D

It has been hailed as the equivalent of Google Maps for the human body by The New York Times, and now the award-winning mobile-friendly platform BioDigital Human is looking to change the way healthcare information is shared, consumed and understood.

Read more →

‘Dr Now’ promises London medication delivery within 4 hours

An app that promises users a video doctor consultation within one hour, and medication delivery to London addresses within four, is due to launch in the next month.

Dr Now has been created by doctors to plug the gap in… Read more →

COCIR launches annual 5th Edition of its eHealth Toolkit

COCIR has launched the newest edition of its eHealth Toolkit, subtitled ‘Integrated Care: Breaking the Silos’. This year’s toolkit focuses on the value of Integrated Care, the challenges in implementing it and how health ICT technologies and procurement possibilities can… Read more →

Asthma Ally app allows patients to connect with allergist’s office for assistance

The adage, “There’s an app for that” is even more true in light of an app that sends an alert to your allergist’s office when your asthma may be out of control.

An article in the May issue of Annals… Read more →

Largest Global mHealth Research Study Reveals Top Five mHealth Countries in Europe

Denmark, Finland, The Netherlands, Sweden and the UK are the top five countries offering the best market conditions for mobile health app companies in Europe, according to a survey conducted by research2guidance in collaboration with HIMSS Europe.

As part of… Read more →

iMDsoft is Proud to be The Vendor of Choice for Computerising Critical Care across Health Networks

iMDsoft is proud to be the vendor of choice for governments and hospital chains seeking a critical care clinical information system for multiple sites. The company offers unique solutions designed to facilitate large scale deployments, and has a proven track… Read more →

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