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E-Health & Human-Computer interactions

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Philips VISIQ Tablet Ultrasound Now Cleared in U.S. (VIDEO)

Philips received FDA clearance for its VISIQ ultrasound, a device that looks, and in many ways acts, like an iPad with an attached transducer. It’s intended to be used for abdominal and obstetric imaging procedures, coming with a single transducer… Read more →

Automatic Test Detects Secondary Cataracts with High Precision

After cataract surgery a troubling number of patients develop posterior capsule opacity, also known as a “secondary cataract,” whereby a cloudy membrane develops behind the newly implanted lens. Recognizing this condition normally requires expert analysis, and while automated systems exist… Read more →

Kurbo program launched to tackle childhood obesity epidemic using mobile tools

Kurbo Health today announced the launch of Kurbo, the first safe and effective program to tackle the childhood obesity epidemic using mobile tools. For the first time, children, teens and their parents have access to a safe, effective and proven… Read more →

PLM launches mobile apps to deliver medical information on cancer, heart disease conditions

IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced that PLM, a Latin American healthcare sciences publisher, launched a library of mobile apps to deliver medical information on conditions such as cancer and heart disease. Healthcare providers using a mobile device can now access… Read more →

Researchers develop high-precision software for diagnosing eye sensitivity

Researchers at the University of Alicante have developed high-precision software for diagnosing eye sensitivity. This is a new technology that allows to quantify the degree of opacity in the posterior capsule of the eye caused by the growth of cells… Read more →

Southampton heart patients use world’s first mobile pacemaker station


Heart patients in Southampton are the first in the world to use a new mobile station to assess their pacemakers without the need for a nurse, doctor or visit to hospital.

The hi-tech CareLink Express, which is currently based… Read more →

ChronoDose smart nicotine patch to help prevent cravings

Nicotine patches have helped a lot of people to quit smoking, but they are not terribly well targeted to people’s cravings because they provide a steady stream of nicotine rather than supplying it when needed. A company called Chrono Therapeutics… Read more →

Google Glass assists dental implant procedures


Developers have created a Google Glass app that guides surgeons through an implant procedure.

Barcelona, Spain-based R&D firm Avinent, in partnership with the software development company Droiders, has developed Avinent Glass, a new app for Google Glass that guides… Read more →

Quantified care hopes to gear up clinicians with powerful new medical technologies

Anyone trying to stay up to date on the latest mobile health technologies is finding it progressively harder to identify the essential devices they need to buy for clinical practice. The marketplace is at the same time hungry for more… Read more →

Which chronic diseases have the most iPad apps?

This infographic is a bit dated – created in April last year – but the data is still interesting. Jeff Greene, senior strategy lead with the New Solutions Factory, researched the availability of iPad apps specifically dedicated to chronic diseases.

Read more →

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