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E-Health & Human-Computer interactions

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New implant offers people with hearing loss the chance to connect directly with digital technology

MED-EL has launched a new generation of middle-ear hearing implant systems at an international hearing implant symposium in Rome, Italy. The latest device will, for the first time in middle ear implants, enable patients to connect directly with a variety… Read more →

Making Big Data Work: The Promise and Potential to Transform Healthcare

Today we hear a lot about big data and how it will revolutionize our lives in variety of ways. In healthcare, big data offers breakthrough possibilities from increased efficiencies and better outcomes to lower costs and more personalized care. But… Read more →

Sweat sensors will change how wearables track your health

Sweat, ick. It betrays our nervousness, leaves unsightly blotches on our clothes, drips down our faces, and makes us stink. Sure, it cools us when we overheat, but most of the time we think of it purely as an inconvenience.

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On A Mission To Track The Flu And Other Infectious Diseases With A Thermometer

Inder Singh couldn’t shake off a temperature of 103.8 degrees for one week during the summer of 2011. His doctor, an infectious disease specialist, was stumped. Desperate, Singh searched online for possible signs of a contagious illness in his New… Read more →

Montreal Heart Institute surgeons develop free aortic surgery app

Three cardiac surgeons from the Montreal Heart Institute, Dr. Yoan Lamarche, Dr. Ismail El-Hamamsy and Dr. Philippe Demers, are behind Aorta, a free app that provides specialists with patient-specific recommendations for aortic replacement surgery based on the latest scientific guidelines.

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Organic blood-oxygen sensor can be stuck on like a Band-Aid

Maintaining a steady blood oxygen level is critical for the body to stave off breathing problems and organ trouble. For those needing to keep a close eye on things, there’s no shortage of monitoring systems and dedicated pulse oximeters available,… Read more →

Eye Doctor Entrepreneur: Preventing Blindness One App At A Time

British eye doctor Andrew Bastawrous has become an accidental entrepreneur in an effort to prevent blindness, one app at a time. Three years ago, Bastawrous jumped at the chance to move his family from Liverpool to Africa to conduct eye… Read more →

A European Blueprint for the Deployment of Telemedicine

The Momentum project has released the European telemedicine deployment blueprint to assist “telemedicine doers” introduce healthcare services at distance through information technology. Telemedicine can make healthcare delivery safer, better and more efficient and thus help address challenges to our healthcare… Read more →

Latest version of iMedX Mobile app released for physicians

iMedX, a leading health information solutions company and a leader in medical documentation solutions, today announced that it released the next version of iMedX Mobile™: an iOS app that enables highly secure, HIPAA-compliant medical documentation capture and access for physicians… Read more →

4 Interesting tech trends in patient monitoring

As important as the relationships between patients and healthcare professionals are, a doctor or nurse can’t be in the room with each patient at all times, even in a fully-staffed hospital.  As such, a variety of electronic monitoring equipment is… Read more →

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