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E-Health & Human-Computer interactions

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Apple Goes Silent On Healthcare With Launch Of First Wearable

In all fairness, the hype for Apple’s Apple’s new wearable (revealed earlier today as Apple Watch) was off the chart ‒ even by legendary Apple standards. It was, after all, no less than globally renowned Apple designer Jonathan Ive who was… Read more →

Is The Health/Fitness Capability of Apple Watch All That?


Apple launched its wearable Apple Watch to an adoring audience Tuesday, but did the health and fitness capabilities live up to the hype about the overall product? Apple launched several new products at the Flint Center in Cupertino, California,… Read more →

Advanced Health & Care launches care portal for both care workers and service users

Advanced Health & Care (Advanced), a leading supplier of IT systems for the care sector, has launched Staffplan Care Portal, a web-based portal, which provides service users and care workers with real-time access to information. The portal will enable care… Read more →

5 things preventing technology adoption in health care

The Stanford Medicine X conference is one of the most publicized events in health care. Its hashtag #MedX was a top-trending term on Twitter throughout last week’s event. Every year, thought leaders, physicians, academics and entrepreneurs gather at MedX under… Read more →


ADORA Advanced Doctor’s Operational Research Assistant Helps Navigate Radiological Images Hands Free

In our interview with Jakob Šušterič of MESI, a Slovenian finalist in the Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE, we were intrigued by his mention of ADORA, another Slovenian company that’s developing fascinating intraoperative technology. We took a look at what they’re working… Read more →

A Day in the Life in 2025 – Digital Medicine a Reality for Managing Aging in a Connected World

Many of us have aging parents in our lives that we care for in some way. As digital medicine continues to transform, I often wonder what the world will look like for our parents and us in 2025 – which… Read more →

Otoharmonics Levo Tinnitus Treatment System Cleared by FDA

Otoharmonics, a company out of Portland, Oregon, won FDA clearance for its Levo tinnitus symptoms treatment system. The system includes an Apple iPad Air preloaded with the Levo Manager app that allows hearing professionals to evaluate a person’s tinnitus, develop a treatment… Read more →

Triple-S Salud collaborates with Voxiva and TracFone Wireless to improve health, satisfaction

Triple-S Salud has partnered with TracFone Wireless, Inc. and Voxiva, Inc. to improve the health and satisfaction of their members by providing access to free cell phones and health messaging programs. SafeLink Health Solutions®, a TracFone brand, has been designed… Read more →

Can Apple’s HealthKit Protect Your Data?

Two weeks ago, Apple warned developers: Don’t share data you’ve collected using HealthKit, Apple’s new software for medical and fitness apps. (HealthKit formally debuts on Tuesday, as part of Apple’s iPhone 6 and iOS 8 launch event.) But two days later, it was… Read more →

Physician: We Need A Bloomberg Terminal For Healthcare


As we move toward an interoperable future, analytics tools need to be developed so that providers aren’t overloaded raw data, says a physician, and an expert in medical informatics and clinical research. Data is not insight. As efforts ramp… Read more →

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