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E-Health & Human-Computer interactions

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TraumaCAD mobile hip replacement planning for iPad scores FDA clearance

Voyant Health, a division of Brainlab, won FDA clearance for its TraumaCad Mobile pre-op othropedic planning and templating tool for total hip replacement procedures. The app runs on iOS devices, as well as through a browser on Mac and Windows, and… Read more →

Wireless sensors help scientists map Staph spread inside hospital

Whatever lands you in the hospital or nursing home also puts you at risk for acquiring an infection, possibly one that’s resistant to antibiotic treatment. Staph infections are common problems in health care facilities, and many Staphylcoccus aureus bacteria are… Read more →

Google develops tablet, EMR for Ebola eam in Sierra Leone

Dealing with highly infectious patients in remote environments introduces a host of unusual problems. Anything that goes into the isolation ward can only come out if treated with chlorine or other sterilizing substance. That means that any paper notes have… Read more →

Handiii: A Sub $300, 3D printed, smart-phone connected bionic arm

Exiii, a Japanese prosthetics company, has developed a smartphone-connected, EMG-controlled prosthetic arm called the handiii COYOTE. The device was developed as a low cost, highly functional myoelectric arm, but ended up as a pretty stunning piece of hardware which can be manufactured for less than… Read more →

Expecting mothers may soon receive perinatal depression screenings using mHealth technology

Pregnant women and new mothers at one central Illinois public health clinic will soon receive depression screenings using mobile health – also called mHealth – technology.

Researchers from the School of Social Work at the University of Illinois are collaborating… Read more →

AIR Louisville to use digital health technology to improve asthma

Today marks the start of AIR Louisville, the first-of-its-kind data-driven collaboration among public, private and philanthropic organizations to use digital health technology to improve asthma. Kentucky has the fourth highest adult asthma prevalence in the US and Louisville consistently ranks… Read more →

mHealth app helps improve breast caner risk assessment in diverse, low-income women

Interviewing women at a breast-imaging center in an urban safety net institution before and after they used a “mHealth” mobile health app on a tablet, Elissa Ozanne, PhD from Dartmouth’s Norris Cotton Cancer Center and colleagues concluded that older, diverse,… Read more →

Gauss Surgical announces FDA 510(k) clearance of Triton Canister App for accurate surgical blood loss monitoring

Gauss Surgical has announced that the company has received U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) clearance for its Triton Canister App, the second core product in its Triton System™ portfolio, the world’s first and only mobile platform for real-time… Read more →

Smartphone-linked device to help diagnosis of vision-threatening conditions

A hand-held device that will allow ophthalmologists to look inside patients’ eyes to see the area of the retina that captures high-resolution images without first having to artificially dilate the pupils could make it easier to make earlier diagnosis of… Read more →


Will this wearable device kill the computer mouse?

The first computer mouse debuted in the late 1960s, and for years surprisingly little changed in terms of how most people interfaced with computers. Now, Canadian startup Thalmic Labs hopes to disrupt the paradigm of human-computer interaction (HCI) with Myo,… Read more →

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