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Controllable Functional Implants and Devices

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New study shows how anterior cingulate cortex can be stimulated to control pain

A new study by a University of Texas at Arlington physics team in collaboration with bioengineering and psychology researchers shows for the first time how a small area of the brain can be optically stimulated to control pain.

Samarendra Mohanty,… Read more →

Steerable optical nanoantennas light the way for practical lab-on-a-chip devices

Using unidirectional cubic nanoantennas to direct the output from nanoemitters, researchers at Monash University in Australia have described a method to accurately focus light at the nanoscale. The practical upshot of which is substantial progress towards guided, ultra-narrow beams needed… Read more →

Fever alarm armband

Univ. of Tokyo researchers have developed a “fever alarm armband,” a flexible, self-powered wearable device that sounds an alarm in case of high body temperature. This armband will be presented at the 2015 IEEE International Solid State Circuits Conference. The… Read more →

ScottCare’s tiny novi holter monitor coming to U.S.

ScottCare (Cleveland, OH) is releasing in the U.S. its novi patch Holter monitor. The two channel ECG recorder has up to 72 hours of battery life on a single charge. It has no wire leads and simply sticks to the sternum… Read more →

Epidermal stretchable electronics with NFC technology

While a whole industry has developed in the last few years focused on wearable electronics, a promising new approach may eclipse it thanks to flexible electronics that can stay attached directly to the skin. We’ve been reporting on a number… Read more →

REMPARK real-time Parkinson’s monitoring system

Researchers at Polytechnic University of Catalonia, aka BarcelonaTECH, have developed and are testing the new REMPARK (Personal Health Device for the Remote and Autonomous Management of Parkinson’s Disease) mobile Parkinson’s monitoring system. The device is worn on the side of the… Read more →

Brain-altering devices may supplant drugs — and pharma is OK with that

Last spring, GlaxoSmithKline GlaxoSmithKline published a five-year research plan for a new class of brain-altering therapeutics that, at first glance, one might assume a major pharma company would not be so enthusiastic about supporting. Why? Because these therapies, called “bioelectronics”… Read more →

New data show CeQur simple insulin delivery device improves glycemic control among people with type 2 diabetes

CeQur SA, a leader in simple insulin infusion for people with type 2 diabetes, today announced preliminary results from a new study demonstrating that the company’s PaQ Insulin Delivery Device improves glycemic control among people with type 2 diabetes. The data… Read more →

Henry Ford physicians use AngioVac device to remove tumor in kidney cancer patient

Physicians at Henry Ford Hospital successfully suctioned a cancerous tumor from a major vein in a patient with metastatic kidney cancer, clearing the way for him to undergo a minimally-invasive kidney removal. This allowed him to participate in a clinical… Read more →

Here’s Proof That Home Healthcare Market Is Growing Rapidly

As patients age, get more empowered and healthcare is not solely concentrated in clinics and hospitals, another market for medical devices and diagnostics is growing: the home healthcare market.

A new report finds that the global home healthcare market will… Read more →

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