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Controllable Functional Implants and Devices

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Leadless pacemakers will be game changers—someday

Leadless pacemakers and implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICDs) are expected to deliver a welcome jolt to the cardiac rhythm management (CRM) market in the coming years owing to their small profile, potential to reduce complications, and shorter recovery times. The pace at which… Read more →

TactiCath Quartz contact force ablation catheter

The FDA has given St. Jude Medical approval to introduce its TactiCath Quartz ablation catheter to the U.S. market. The device provides live contact pressure information during cardiac ablation procedures when treating atrial fibrillation (AF). During conventional transcatheter cardiac ablation,… Read more →

Covidien’s new ReliaTack fixation device for laparoscopic hernia repair

Covidien has just launched the brand new ReliaTack articulating fixation device for laparoscopic hernia repair procedures. The business end of the unit can swing up to a 65-degree angle for easier access within the abdominal wall when placing screw-like tacks… Read more →

The PROBEAT-RT proton beam therapy system incorporating real-time tumor-tracking is approved in Japan

Hokkaido University and Hitachi, Ltd. have announced that the approval under Japan’s Pharmaceutical Affairs Law has been granted to Hitachi for the manufacture and sales of the PROBEAT-RT, a proton beam therapy treatment system combining spot scanning irradiation and Real-time… Read more →

Koala Toco electronics-free tocodynamometer for tracking uterine contractions

Tocodynamometers are used to monitor uterine contractions of women in labor. These have been around for quite some time now, but they have remained pricey, require lots of gel and regular cleanings to remain operational, and can be difficult attach.… Read more →

BostonSci’s CoverEdge surgical leads with 32 contacts for more effective pain control

Boston Scientific received U.S. and European approval to bring to market the world’s first 32-contact leads, the CoverEdge 32 and CoverEdge X 32. They are compatible with the company’s Precision Spectra spinal cord neurostimulator and take advantage of Illumina 3D… Read more →

Acoustic technique developed to detect knee osteoarthritis

A revolutionary medical technique using sound waves to identify osteoarthritis in the knee has been developed by researchers.

The UK is leading this new field of health research based on listening to the sounds emitted by the body.

Microphones are… Read more →

Michigan students develop screening tools for heart and lung disease

Two Michigan high school students, sisters Ilina and Medha Krishen, have developed screening tools using electronic stethoscopes to detect lung and heart disease. The sisters will present their findings at CHEST 2014 in Austin, Texas next week.

Ilina Krishen became… Read more →

Smart sub-dermal implants could control your life

For the dermatologically virginal, the idea of enduring the painful process of getting a tattoo might be enough to make your hair stand on end. Nevertheless for all technophiles and tattoo fans, there might soon be a less arduous and inky… Read more →

Could Bucking Medtech Industry Trends Be Good Business?

Teleflex CEO Benson Smith thinks so. While other companies are worried about providing hospital solutions and appealing to payers, Teleflex is continuing to focus on making medical devices that make sense for physicians.

A key trend in medtech today is the… Read more →

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