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Controllable Functional Implants and Devices

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Medtronic Advisa SR SureScan MRI-conditional pacemaker approved in U.S.

The  Food and Drug Administration gave Medtronic approval to introduce the Advisa SR MRI SureScan sing-chamber pacemaker in the United States. The MRI-conditional device comes with a matching 5076 MRI lead, the combination allowing for magnetic resonance scans on any part… Read more →

FDA approves implanted device to reduce Parkinson’s symptoms

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced it has approved an implantable device to help reduce Parkinson’s disease symptoms and a movement disorder known as essential tremor.

The Brio Neurostimulation System is a small implantable, rechargeable, electric-pulse generator that… Read more →

Tamper-resistant pill dispenser aims to stamp out medication misuse

Prescription drug abusers take note: students at Johns Hopkins University built a device that will limit the number of pills you can draw from it at any one time. Moreover, it will only dispense the medication to the patient that… Read more →

Driving simulator to be used to assess lenses for cataract surgery

The University of Iowa is reporting that a new eye lens developed to replace native ones in cataract patients is to be trialed for its novel ability of reducing the halo effect common in current implantable lenses. We’ve written… Read more →

Energy harnessed from humidity can power small devices

Researchers have built devices that harness changes in atmospheric humidity to generate small amounts of electricity, lift tiny weights, and even power a toy car. In the grand scheme of things, that captured energy is not free, but it’s pretty… Read more →

The medical device hijack story you need to know

The medical device industry doesn’t pay particular attention to cybersecurity.

But a recent report highlighting medical device hijacking at hospitals might make people sit up and take notice. TrapX Labs, a division of TrapX Security, published an Anatomy of an… Read more →

Cyberonics AspireSR vagus nerve implant adjusts therapy to prevent epileptic seizures

The FDA granted Cyberonics (Houston, Texas) approval to introduce the AspireSR vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) therapy generator for controlling seizures in people with epilepsy. This is the only VNS device that can adjust its neurostimulation in response to changes in… Read more →

What Can Medtech Manufacturers Gain from Electroplating?

An additive manufacturing process, electroplating can be used to manufacture devices used in a host of procedures, including minimally invasive surgeries.

An electroplating process from ProPlate atomically bonds metal directly to each catheter braid–pic crossing, fusing them together. By fusing… Read more →

Infinite Socket, a Custom Lower Prosthetic Fitting System (INTERVIEW)

We’ve seen advanced prosthetic legs come to market over the last decade and many new devices are in the works. Yet, perhaps the biggest challenge to patients relying on these products is not the limits of their distal portions of… Read more →

Neuroscience: Stroke brain still controls device

Rats can use their brain activity to control an external device through an implanted electrode, even after a stroke. The finding suggests that people who have motor problems as a result of a stroke could one day benefit from such… Read more →

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