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Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering

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Bioprinting in 3D: Looks like candy, could regenerate nerve cells

The printer looks like a toaster oven with the front and sides removed. Its metal frame is built up around a stainless steel circle lit by an ultraviolet light. Stainless steel hydraulics and thin black tubes line the back edge,… Read more →

E-skin and pocket-sized diagnostic machines give patients the power back

Wearable E-skin that can measure heart rate and blood pressure, and paper diagnostic machines the size of a credit card that can give instant readings on blood and saliva samples are two new bio-sensing technologies presented at Elsevier’s 4th International… Read more →


Gel filled with nanosponges cleans up MRSA infections

Nanoengineers at the University of California, San Diego developed a gel filled with toxin-absorbing nanosponges that could lead to an effective treatment for skin and wound infections caused by MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus), an antibiotic-resistant bacteria. This “nanosponge-hydrogel” minimized the… Read more →

Electric Bandages Speed Up Healing of Wounds

Electricity underlies just about every process in the body in some way, and researchers at University of Manchester are studying it to create electronic bandages that can speed up healing. They recruited 40 volunteers who had two identical wounds created… Read more →

Scientists regenerate bone tissue using only proteins secreted by stem cells

Scientists have discovered a way to regrow bone tissue using the protein signals produced by stem cells. This technology could help treat victims who have experienced major trauma to a limb, like soldiers wounded in combat or casualties of a… Read more →

Bio-organic device delivers body’s own painkiller to block pain from damaged nerves

A method to treat chronic nerve pain at its source with the body’s own painkillers with no side effects could also be used to deliver other drugs to the brain and to other parts of the body, according to its… Read more →

How to grow plasters from your household compost

Would you wear a plaster grown from fungus? US-based bioengineer Aakriti Jain and Parisian industrial designer Guillian Graves think so. They also want think you should grow it yourself in a tabletop “microfactory”.

“Instead of throwing your compost in the… Read more →

Sounding out scaffolds for eardrum replacement

An international team of researchers has created tiny, complex scaffolds that mimic the intricate network of collagen fibers that form the human eardrum.

It is hoped the scaffolds can be used to replace eardrums when they become severely damaged, reducing… Read more →

New method for synthesizing a biocompatible hydrogel

If you opt to wear soft contact lenses, chances are you are using hydrogels on a daily basis. Made up of polymer chains that are able to absorb water, hydrogels used in contacts are flexible and allow oxygen to pass… Read more →

Artificial muscles know their onions

Researchers at the National Taiwan University have turned to the epidermal cells of the onion, Allium cepa, to help them make an artificial muscle. The new muscle responds to an applied voltage like a pair of tweezers pincing or opening… Read more →

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