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Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering

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Synthetic collagen promotes natural clotting


Synthetic collagen invented at Rice Univ. may help wounds heal by directing the natural clotting of blood.

The material, KOD, mimics natural collagen, a fibrous protein that binds cells together into organs and tissues. It could improve upon commercial… Read more →

Scientists try 3-D printer to build human heart

It may sound far-fetched, but scientists are attempting to build a human heart with a 3-D printer.

Ultimately, the goal is to create a new heart for a patient with their own cells that could be transplanted. It is an… Read more →

LifeBond granted Chinese patent for novel absorbable surgical adhesive technology

LifeBond Ltd., a leading developer of absorbable biosurgical products for tissue repair, announced today that the State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China has granted the company its first Chinese patent. The patent, titled “Improved Cross-linked Compositions,”… Read more →

A Way to Make Stretchable Medical Electronics Practical


Stretchable electronics have been in development for years. For example, prototype skin patches with coiled wiring and flexible sensors are fast advancing to do things like sense heartbeats, muscle tremors, and other physiological signals (see “Making Stretchable Electronics,” “Electronic… Read more →

Engineered vaginas grown in women for the first time

Vaginas grown in a lab from the recipients’ own cells have been successfully transferred to the body for the first time.

The surgery was carried out on four women who were born without vaginal canals because of a rare condition.… Read more →

New Collagen Matrix Biomaterial Helps Keep Liver Cells Alive in Microfluidic Devices

Organ-on-a-chip technology promises to provide a novel platform for testing new therapies in well controlled environments that maintain the basic functionality of organs while allowing scientists to manipulate and analyze what happens to them. The problem has been keeping tissues… Read more →

Principles of multiplexed electrosprays and applications to biomaterials synthesis for drug delivery: Prof. Alessandro Gomez

The cone-jet electrospray has revolutionized the field of mass spectrometry but, despite the unique ability of this device to produce quasi-monodispersed particles in a phenomenal size range, it has not been applied to other fields. The low flow rate at… Read more »


Noses Made in Britain: UK Touts Lab-grown Organs

In a north London hospital, scientists are growing noses, ears and blood vessels in a bold attempt to make body parts in the laboratory.

It’s far from the only lab in the world that is pursuing the futuristic idea of… Read more →

Artificially Created 3D Model of Human Upper Airway

Animals and their tissues are heavily relied upon in pre-clinical research, and there are efforts underway to emulate living tissue, and even whole organs, to replace animals while offering a better way to test new therapies. One recently published study… Read more →


New Substrate for Transient Electronics May Lead to Dissolvable Implantable Devices

While implantable electronic devices that monitor and treat a variety of diseases is nothing new, they all have the downside that a second procedure is required to remove them from the body. Dissolvable electronics may one day overcome this, breaking… Read more →

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