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Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering

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Growing ears and noses in a lab

Ears and noses could be grown in a laboratory and transplanted into humans using a technique developed by British scientists.

Researchers from the Great Ormond Street Hospital and University College, London using tissue engineering are the first to turn stem… Read more →

3-D printed tissues advance stem cell research

Tissue engineering and vascular biology expert Guohao Dai, assistant professor in the Department of Biomedical Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, recently won a Faculty Early Career Development Award (CAREER) from the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Dai will use the… Read more →

Biomedical technologies may be improved by protein in squid skin

The common pencil squid (Loliginidae) may hold the key to a new generation of medical technologies that could communicate more directly with the human body. UC Irvine materials science researchers have discovered that reflectin, a protein in the tentacled creature’s… Read more →

Researcher pushes the limits of light to improve performance in communication, fabrication, and medical imaging

The fields of data communication, fabrication, and ultrasound imaging share a common challenge when it comes to improving speed and efficiency: light’s diffraction limit. Nicholas Fang thinks his group at MIT might have found a solution.

“In my group we… Read more →

Surgical robots of the future to be ‘squishy’ like octopuses

A phase-changing material created out of wax and foam could

allow the robots of the future to transform from being solid to squishy and then back again .The material has been developed jointly by MIT and Stony Brook University and… Read more →

Tiny waves could build livers on a ‘liquid template’

These are waves worth catching. Generating tiny swells in a dish of saline solution prompts beads, copper powder and even cells to assemble into a panoply of intricate patterns. It could offer a simple way to build elaborate structures that… Read more →

Students developing an injectable foam to treat battlefield wounds

When a soldier is wounded on an extremity such as an arm or leg, applying a bandage and/or tourniquet to stop the bleeding is typically a fairly straight-ahead process. However, in cases where an injury is received right at the… Read more →

Researchers invent injectable foam system to stop profuse bleeding from wound

Without prompt care, a badly wounded soldier can easily bleed to death while being transported to a distant medical station. Two traditional treatments—tourniquets and medicated gauze pads—often cannot stop the blood loss from a deep wound at the neck, shoulder… Read more →


BMW provides 3D-printed thumb supports to factory workers

3D printing has proved very useful in the health and medical sectors. The technology has been used to produce custom insoles, a mouthpiece for sleep apnea sufferers and even a replacement skull. Now, BMW has produced custom thumb orthoses for… Read more →

Pyramids Made of DNA Strings Deliver Antibiotics Into Bacteria

“Got a bacterial infection? Take an antibiotic, let’s hope it works.” That’s too often what patients hear these days at their doctor’s office, but nanotechnology promises to change all that. Researchers at National University of Singapore have reported in journal… Read more →

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