Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering

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New materials based approaches for regenerative medicine and biosensing: Prof. Molly Stevens

Professor Stevens will talk on New materials based approaches for regenerative medicine and biosensing. Dr James Mason from the Pharmaceutical Biophysics Group will chair. Wine reception to follow.


Designing materials for regenerative medicine and ultrasensitive biosensing: Prof. Molly Stevens

Bio-responsive nanomaterials are of growing importance with potential applications including drug delivery, diagnostics and tissue engineering. A disagreeable side effect of longer life-spans is the failure of onepart of the body – the knees, for example – before the body as… Read more »

MedTech Week 2014

MedTech Week 2014 is the fourth of UCL’s Institute of Biomedical Engineering (IBME) week-long annual events (18th-20th June) aimed at staff and students wanting to know more about the medical technology and biomedical engineering landscape at UCL. It includes the… Read more »


Scientists Grow Cartilage to Reconstruct Nose


Scientists at the University of Basel report first ever successful nose reconstruction surgery using cartilage grown in the laboratory. Cartilage cells were extracted from the patient’s nasal septum, multiplied and expanded onto a collagen membrane. The so-called engineered cartilage… Read more →


Rats receive lab-grown esophagi

Ordinarily, when patients require a total or partial replacement of their esophagus, tissue from their own stomach or intestine is used. This doesn’t always result in a fully-functioning organ, plus it also involves the surgical removal of the needed material.… Read more →

Molecular Engineering of Biologically-Inspired Materials: Szu-Wen Wang

Silk could soon be used in medical implants instead of metal alloys

The metal alloys currently used to make plates and screws sometimes hinder the healing process, as they can corrode in a patient’s body, are sensitive to heat, and often need to be surgically removed.While clinicians have used silk in bandages… Read more →


Synthetic collagen promotes natural clotting


Synthetic collagen invented at Rice Univ. may help wounds heal by directing the natural clotting of blood.

The material, KOD, mimics natural collagen, a fibrous protein that binds cells together into organs and tissues. It could improve upon commercial… Read more →

Scientists try 3-D printer to build human heart

It may sound far-fetched, but scientists are attempting to build a human heart with a 3-D printer.

Ultimately, the goal is to create a new heart for a patient with their own cells that could be transplanted. It is an… Read more →

LifeBond granted Chinese patent for novel absorbable surgical adhesive technology

LifeBond Ltd., a leading developer of absorbable biosurgical products for tissue repair, announced today that the State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China has granted the company its first Chinese patent. The patent, titled “Improved Cross-linked Compositions,”… Read more →

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