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Autonomous Functional Implants

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FDA Hands MED-EL Approval for MRI Compatible Cochlear Implant

People with poor hearing that can benefit from cochlear implants always knew that getting an MRI scan post implantation would either be impossible or would require a surgical procedure to temporarily remove the implant’s magnet. This fact can sway decisions… Read more →

New device delivers sound through tongue to let deaf people hear

While we naturally think that we hear with our ears, it is really the brain that converts sound waves into what we perceive as sound. Our most distinctive organ also has a lot of plasticity, being able to adapt its… Read more →

Printed tattoo glucose sensor takes on hated pinpricks

Diabetics the world over will be happy to hear that researchers at University of California, San Diego have demonstrated in a proof-of-concept study a glucose sensing temporary tattoo. The device samples interstitial fluid within the skin that contains glucose, among… Read more →

Medtronic and Covidien Shareholders Bless $43B Merger

Only the High Court of Ireland remains to weigh in on the merger between Medtronic and Covidien.

On Tuesday, Medtronic and Covidien shareholders approved various proposals cementing the $42.9 billion deal between the two prominent medical device companies on either… Read more →


Next Generation Neural Implants Let Mice with Spinal Cord Injuries Walk Again (VIDEO)

While we already know how to stimulate the brain and spinal cord to treat various neurological conditions, implants that actually work over long periods without damaging nearby tissue have been notoriously difficult to produce. Now scientists from Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de… Read more →

Capsule Tech announces availability of healthcare’s first medical device information system

Capsule Tech, Inc., the leading global provider of medical device integration solutions, recently announced the general availability of SmartLinx, healthcare’s first medical device information system (MDIS).

“Healthcare organizations are asking us to provide a wide range of real-time medical device… Read more →

The U.S. Medical Device Market At a Glance

The U.S. medical device market will grow albeit at a slower pace due to reimbursement challenges.

The U.S. medical device market has to withstand many headwinds, including reimbursement challenges, yet the industry still is the largest market globally. This one… Read more →

World’s first patient has new heart valve at Royal Brompton Hospital

A new replacement heart valve, for patients not suitable for open heart surgery, has been implanted in a world first at Royal Brompton Hospital. Sixty-eight-year-old, Margaret Mann, had the minimally-invasive procedure to replace a leaking mitral valve after conventional surgery… Read more →

Heart muscle regeneration induced by long-term use of ventricular assist devices

Prolonged use of a left ventricular assist device (LVAD) by patients with heart failure may induce regeneration of heart muscle by preventing oxidative damage to a cell-regulator mechanism, UT Southwestern Medical Center investigators have found.

LVADs are mechanical pumps that… Read more →


Team Creates Device to Alleviate Dry Eye

Michael Ackermann, PhD, knows how to make you cry.

But this is a good thing for the more than 20 million Americans who suffer from a painful condition in which the lacrimal glands don’t create enough tears to lubricate the… Read more →

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