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Autonomous Functional Implants

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Pixium Vision implants restore sight in rats with retinal degeneration, humans next

Prima Vision, a company based in Paris, France, is reporting that its PRIMA wireless subretinal implants for people who lost their vision has show a great deal of promise in a pre-clinical trial. The technology is designed specifically for those whose natural… Read more →


BIOTRONIK Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator Delivers Ultra-High Energy Shock on First Fire

BIOTRONIK landed FDA approval for the world’s only implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) capable of producing an ultra-high energy electrical shock immediately on the first discharge. Defibrillators have capacitors within them that store an electrical charge that is originally siphoned from… Read more →

Implant identifies which drugs will work for patients’ unique cancers

While a variety of cancer medications are in existence and often work incredibly well, picking ones that are effective on the individual patients’ tumors is usually like pinning a tail on a donkey. Researchers at MIT have developed a device that… Read more →


Injectable lab finds your best cancer drug by trying many at once

Injecting a mini diagnostic lab into your body may make the time-consuming trial-and-error approach used to find the right cancer drug a thing of the past. Two devices – one already tested in a handful of people – promise to… Read more →

FDA Approved: KAMRA Inlay Corneal Implant to Replace Reading Glasses

Owning reading glasses is a part of growing up, but for many people that start wearing them in their later years it can be downright awkward and uncomfortable. Now a new device, just approved by the FDA, may offer certain… Read more →

An electronic micropump to deliver treatments deep within the brain

Many potentially efficient drugs have been created to treat neurological disorders, but they cannot be used in practice. Typically, for a condition such as epilepsy, it is essential to act at exactly the right time and place in the brain.… Read more →


Medtronic Micra, World’s Smallest Pacemaker That Lives Inside Heart, Cleared in Europe

Medtronic landed the CE Mark of approval to introduce its Micra pacemaker in Europe. This is the world’s smallest pacemaker, and because it’s implanted via transfemoral route completely inside the heart it doesn’t need or use cardiac leads. Moreover, there’s… Read more →

Fallacious Quantification, Likert Scales, and the Ambiguity of Numbers: Adventures in Medical Device Usability

In many, many fields, the transition from a largely qualitative or intuitive basis for understanding (and prediction) to a quantitative basis for understanding has been extremely productive. Fields as diverse as bridge design, animal breeding, baseball, and, yes, human factors,… Read more →

Startup Takes On Medtronic’s CoreValve TAVR System

Direct Flow Medical, which has developed a metal-free TAVR product, is taking on Medtronic in a bid to prove that its TAVR technology is better.

Many covet a piece of the pie in transcatheter aortic valve replacement for patients with severe… Read more →

First vision-restoring “bionic eye” implant performed in Hawaii

Groundbreaking bionic retinal implant surgery has been performed in Honolulu by a team at the Eye Surgery Center of Hawaii. The procedure is the first of its kind in the Asia-Pacific region to help restore vision for the blind. The… Read more →

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