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Autonomous Functional Implants

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First vision-restoring “bionic eye” implant performed in Hawaii

Groundbreaking bionic retinal implant surgery has been performed in Honolulu by a team at the Eye Surgery Center of Hawaii. The procedure is the first of its kind in the Asia-Pacific region to help restore vision for the blind. The… Read more →

CHLA develops first fully-implantable micropacemaker for use in fetus with complete heart block

A team of investigators at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and the University of Southern California have developed the first fully implantable micropacemaker designed for use in a fetus with complete heart block. The team has done preclinical testing and optimization… Read more →


Boston Scientific’s Watchman heart device approved … finally

On Friday, Boston Scientific announced that FDA has approved the Watchman left atrial appendage closure device, a heart device that while novel was initially rejected. The device is intended for high-risk atrial fibrillation patients who are seeking an alternative to… Read more →

Contact lens with built-in telescope

Lights, mirrors, action! Scientists are developing smart contact lenses embedded with miniscule mirrors that can magnify your vision by almost three times. The 1.55mm-thick lenses incorporate a thin reflective telescope made of mirrors and filters; when light enters the eye… Read more →

Ingestible gas sensor could help diagnose bowel problems

Intestinal gases have been linked to colon cancer, irritable bowel syndrome and inflammatory bowel disease, and could potentially be used as key biomarkers for assessing overall health.

The new technology – developed by researchers from RMIT Monash universities in Melbourne,… Read more →

St Jude Medical to resume Portico heart valve implants

St. Jude Medical’s CE Mark for its Portico heart valve has been reinstated, a spokesman for the Minnesota company confirmed Thursday. Back in September, out of caution, the medical device maker paused implanting the Portico transcatheter heart valve in patients… Read more →

GERD Device Maker Uses Clinical Data to Prove Its Point

Affecting roughly one in four Americans, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) can cause heartburn, persistent cough, a chronic sore throat, bloating, and regurgitation. Treatment options include a daily regimen of proton pump inhibitor drugs (PPIs) and Nissen fundoplication surgery, which involves… Read more →

‘Bionic’ eye allows man to see wife for first time in a decade

A blind man is now able to see objects and people again, including his wife and family, for the first time in a decade. How? With the help of a bionic eye implant. The technology could one day be used… Read more →


Tiny robotic hand-like grippers dissolve in the body after performing task

Creating swarms of soft, robotic hands that can safely dissolve within a living body once they’ve performed surgical procedures or delivered drugs just got a step closer thanks to work done by John Hopkins University scientists. They’ve created minute biodegradable… Read more →

Researchers Test Device to Help Deaf Children Detect Sounds

At age 3, Angelica Lopez is helping to break a sound barrier for deaf children.

Born without working auditory nerves, she can detect sounds for the first time – and start to mimic them – after undergoing brain surgery to… Read more →

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