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Autonomous Functional Implants

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Tiny, Sound-Powered Chip May Serve as Medical Device

Medical researchers would like to plant tiny electronic devices deep inside our bodies to monitor biological processes and deliver pinpoint therapies to treat illness or relieve pain. But so far engineers have been unable to make such devices small and… Read more →

3D printing enables customized knee replacement surgery

In today’s installment of “How 3D Printing is Changing Healthcare Forever,” a Massachusetts-based medical device company is forging new ground in knee replacement surgery. A combination of CT imaging, modeling software and 3D printing technology is enabling ConforMIS to offer… Read more →

VisionCare’s Implantable Miniature Telescope gets FDA approval for treating end-stage AMD

VisionCare Ophthalmic Technologies, Inc. (“VisionCare”), a developer of advanced visual prosthetic devices for the treatment of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), today announced the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the Implantable Miniature Telescope (by Dr. Isaac Lipshitz) for use in… Read more →

New corneal inlay device offers potential treatment option for presbyopia

A thin ring inserted into the eye could soon offer a reading glasses-free remedy for presbyopia, the blurriness in near vision experienced by many people over the age of 40, according to a study released today at AAO 2014, the… Read more →

FDA permits marketing of urinary prosthesis device for women

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has allowed marketing of the inFlow Intraurethral Valve-Pump, a replaceable urinary prosthesis for use in female adults who cannot contract the muscles necessary to push urine out of the bladder (impaired detrusor contractility or… Read more →

Ultrasmall, Millimeter-Size Wireless Health Sensors Detect Pulse And Pressure

Engineer scientists at Stanford have created a submillimeter sensor device that transmits biological health readings wirelessly.  The device is very small, measuring in one realization at only 1 millimeter by 1 millimeter in length and width, and 0.1 millimeter in… Read more →

BHVH cardiologists implant investigational cardiac pacemaker the size of multivitamin

Cardiologists on the medical staff at Baylor Jack and Jane Hamilton Heart and Vascular Hospital (BHVH) today implanted an investigational cardiac pacemaker the size of a multivitamin. The first implantable pacemakers, developed in the late-1950s, were nearer the size of… Read more →

FDA Guidance On Medical Device Cybersecurity: Too Little Too Late?

CTO and co-founder of LogRhythm, an independent security intelligence company. He has more than 20 years of cybersecurity experience

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has taken an important step forward in better protecting patients and their data with the… Read more →

Bionic Vision Australia’s bionic eye gives new sight to people blinded by retinitis pigmentosa

Bionic Vision Australia, a collaboration between of researchers working on a bionic eye, has announced that its prototype implant has completed a two year trial in patients with advanced retinitis pigmentosa. Three patients with profound vision loss received 24-channel suprachoroidal electrode… Read more →

ILUVIEN eye implant for diabetic macular edema finally FDA approved

The FDA, finally, after three rejections, has given approval to pSivida‘s (Watertown, MA) ILUVIEN drug eluting eye implant for treating diabetic macular edema (DME). The device, about the length of, but much narrower than, a grain of rice (3.5 mm x… Read more →

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