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Ageing and Wellbeing

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Sham-controlled trial of deep brain stimulation treatment for depression fails to show efficacy

Depression is a leading cause of disability worldwide, and treatment-resistant symptoms of depression have a terrible personal and societal cost. They can devastate lives, careers, and families. Some severely ill patients may be unable to attend to even the basic… Read more →

Wize Mirror to monitor health, prevent cardio-metabolic diseases

Seasoned primary care physicians often have an uncanny ability to notice symptoms by simply looking at their patients. Skin tone, heart rate, and body temperature are some of the signals that clinicians pick up on, and so a consortium of EU… Read more →

Everyday access to nature improves quality of life in older adults

Natural environments are known to promote physical, mental, and spiritual healing. People can attain health benefits by spending time outside, often in remote places to “get away from it all.” Now research conducted by a University of Minnesota graduate student… Read more →

ADAMAAS smart glasses to assist elderly and disabled in everyday tasks

We’ve seen various head-mounted wearables, such

as the Motorola HC1, Golden-i and the AITT system, which are designed to give industrial workers or military personnel a helping hand in carrying out highly specialized tasks. But what about the elderly or… Read more →

Report on case studies of technology-based services for independent living for older people

This report on case studies of technology-based services for independent living for older people is the second deliverable of the project entitled “Long-term care strategies for independent living of elderly people (ICT-AGE)”. The Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (JRC-IPTS) was… Read more →

Cold plasma technique helps wounds heal quicker

A particular problem in older people, persistent open wounds, could be treated using a portable electric device which also has potential for home first aid

Medical researchers in Germany have developed a technique which, they claim, will help open wounds… Read more →

New MSU research finds that use of tablets can help older adults cross the ‘digital divide’

One way to help the elderly cross what’s known as the “digital divide” is the use of tablets, those smaller, lighter, easy-to-use computers that seem to be taking the place of laptops.

New Michigan State University research has found that… Read more →

Experts to discuss impact of telemedicine on care delivery for aging Americans at d.health Summit

Recent technological, legal, and clinical developments are leading to dramatic changes in the ways medical care is delivered. While this shift has the power to displace many well-established healthcare players, it also presents an opportunity to form new partnerships and… Read more →

Using smartphones to avoid spatial disorientation of elderly

Researchers are using new network operator technologies to locate and send alerts when an old person with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) suffers from episodes of spatial disorientation. Up to the 60% of cases of MCI can cause episodes of spatial… Read more →

New research gives fresh insights into stiffening of aging tendons

British researchers who repeatedly stretched horses tendons to assess their elasticity and ability to recover have gained fresh insights into the mechanisms behind the stiffening that comes with aging.

The scientists found that the material between tendon fibre bundles stiffens… Read more →

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