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Ageing and Wellbeing

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Green is good: Natural compound from green tomatoes increases muscle, protects against muscle wasting

Using a screening method that previously identified a compound in apple peel as a muscle-boosting agent, a team of scientists has now discovered that tomatidine, a compound from green tomatoes, is even more potent for building muscle and protecting against… Read more →

Smart pants to keep elderly on their feet

Insects have the right idea. If we want to stay walking in old age, it is time

to get an exoskeleton. That is the goal of a project at University College London, which is looking to develop underwear that stiffens… Read more →

Physical function, sense of autonomy are independent determinants of life-space mobility in older people

Physical function and sense of autonomy are independent determinants of life-space mobility in older people. This was found in a study conducted at the Gerontology Research Center of the University of Jyväskylä. In this project, 848 older men and women… Read more →

Festival for Digital Health

Everything is affected by the digital revolution. The opportunities for improving healthcare could be extraordinary. Interdisciplinary research is key to this. The UCL Festival for Digital Health will connect UCL’s world-class research in computer science, engineering, medicine and health service… Read more »

Obesity: What’s making the world fat? (And what can we do?)

Obesity is a major risk factor in many non-communicable diseases – and it’s a global problem. The world’s girths are spreading: thirty five per-cent of the world’s adults were defined as overweight by the World Health Organisation in 2008, with… Read more »

Global Mental Health: Addressing the Global Burden of Depression

Depression is one of the world’s leading causes of disability, but according to the World Health Organisation, only a small proportion of those affected have access to treatment, while stigma and misunderstanding are problems everywhere. In this panel discussion, hear… Read more »

Imagining the future of medicine

As part of its mission to promote access to the arts and sciences, the Royal Albert Hall is playing host venue to a historic event on Monday 21 April 2014, celebrating the future of medicine and healthcare, and hosted by… Read more »

Three New Pacemakers from SJM, Including a Quadripolar, Approved in U.S.

by Editors on Mar 24, 2014 • 2:29 pm

St. Jude Medical received FDA approval for its Allure Quadra cardiac resynchronization therapy pacemaker (CRT-P), as well as for the Assurity and Endurity pacemakers. The Allure Quadra is the first pacemaker approved… Read more →

How A New Alzheimer’s Test Could Kill Long-Term Care Insurance — Or Make It Cheaper

A team of researchers at Georgetown University and six other medical centers has developed a simple blood test  they say can predict, with 90 percent accuracy, whether an individual will develop Alzheimer’s Disease within 2-3 years.  If it works as advertised,… Read more →

Cochlear Nucleus Hybrid L24, a New Combination Implant/Hearing Aid for Sensorineural High Pitch Hearing Loss

by Editors on Mar 21, 2014 • 11:06 am

Lots of people suffer from selective hearing loss that allows them to hear low frequency sounds quite well, while the high pitch is severely limited. This is normally due to damaged… Read more →

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