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Ageing and Wellbeing

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Wearable airbag designed to protect seniors when they fall

For anyone who uses a car, collisions are an ever-present danger – that’s why vehicles are equipped with safety features such as airbags. For senior citizens, however, simply falling down can also result in life-changing injuries. With that in mind,… Read more →

Robodynamics’ Luna personal robot hits Kickstarter

Back in 2011, Gizmag looked at Robodynamics’ Luna personal robot. At that time, the details were a bit scarce, though the company did say that the machine was shipping that year. As 2014 draws to a close, Luna has still… Read more →

Tooth loss: A predictor of mental and physical decline in elderly

With the increasing number of elderly in the population, researchers are searching for markers that indicate declining health.

In a new study, researchers at University College London have found that the elderly who have lost all of their teeth also… Read more →

Stethee Pretends to be a Cardiologist in Your Pocket (VIDEO)

Cardiologists will certainly scoff, but we have to report about the new Stethee automatic stethoscope the developers of which claim it will be able to warn you of cardiac conditions. It’s still in prototype stage and the team behind the… Read more →

Your retirement may include a robot helper

Youngsters aren’t the only ones who get the latest high-tech gadgets. Sometime in the next decade or two, homebound retirees could be early adopters of an important new technology: the home-help robot.

As robots become safer, smarter, and more capable,… Read more →

Adapted Wii games aid in stroke victim rehab

Paralysis or problems controlling movement are among the most common disabilities resulting from stroke and have a major impact on everyday life. Lancaster University researchers say seven out of 10 stroke survivors suffer from arm weakness as a result of… Read more →

New hope for tackling signs of aging in the future

A new advance in biomedical research could have potential in the future to assist with tackling diseases and conditions associated with aging– as well as in treating cancer.

The team carried out the study to find new ways of identifying… Read more →

Social interaction may preserve health literacy in seniors

Surfing the net, going to museums or joining a club might have an unexpected side-effect: improving the ability of older people to understand drug labels and doctors’ instructions, according to a new study in the UK.

“We found that the… Read more →

3-D printing to the rescue of gastronomy for frail seniors

Researchers are now developing personalised food for elderly people with chewing or swallowing problems, by working on printable versions of meat and vegetables

In Europe, the population is ageing. In 2010, about 17% of the population were 65 or older.… Read more →

10 finalists chosen for dare-to-dream Medtech Design Challenge (PureWick)

PureWick For Women

How does the device work? A perforated, contoured tube wrapped in wicking material (a “Wick”) is positioned comfortably between a female user’s legs. It is meant to snugly hug, but not enter, the perineum. Urine is captured… Read more →

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