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Ageing and Wellbeing

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Tech-savvy seniors want online options to access care from home

An Accenture (NYSE:ACN) survey shows a growing demand among tech-savvy seniors (67 percent) who want to access healthcare services from home, but the majority (66 percent) are worried today’s technology isn’t sufficient to do so.

“Just as seniors are turning… Read more →

Contact lens with built-in telescope

Lights, mirrors, action! Scientists are developing smart contact lenses embedded with miniscule mirrors that can magnify your vision by almost three times. The 1.55mm-thick lenses incorporate a thin reflective telescope made of mirrors and filters; when light enters the eye… Read more →

Randomised trial puts FINGER on cognitive health

The FINGER study, the first large randomised, controlled trial of its kind, suggests that a multifactorial intervention could slow cognitive decline in elderly people at risk of developing dementia.

The 2-year intervention targeted people who were aged between 60 and… Read more →

Human brains age less than previously thought

Older brains may be more similar to younger brains than previously thought.

In a new paper published in Human Brain Mapping, BBSRC-funded researchers at the University of Cambridge and Medical Research Council’s Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit demonstrate that previously… Read more →

REMPARK real-time Parkinson’s monitoring system

Researchers at Polytechnic University of Catalonia, aka BarcelonaTECH, have developed and are testing the new REMPARK (Personal Health Device for the Remote and Autonomous Management of Parkinson’s Disease) mobile Parkinson’s monitoring system. The device is worn on the side of the… Read more →

‘Smart trousers’ could replace wheelchairs

A team of roboticists from across Britain is developing a pair of ‘smart trousers’ with artificial muscles to help the elderly and disabled move around.

It’s part of a wider project titled ‘Wearable Soft Robotics for Independent Living’, which has… Read more →

Here’s Proof That Home Healthcare Market Is Growing Rapidly

As patients age, get more empowered and healthcare is not solely concentrated in clinics and hospitals, another market for medical devices and diagnostics is growing: the home healthcare market.

A new report finds that the global home healthcare market will… Read more →

Smart watch that remotely monitors real-time health status of older adults

The trend of wearable devices (smart accessories) like bracelets, sunglasses and watches, is rarely focused on the elderly population. However, Mexican Francisco Lopez-Lira Fennel, who lives in Spain, wants these devices to be used by older adults benefiting them with… Read more →

Neurotech goes global: Tens of thousands of brains coming online

NeuroVigil, the company that has developed high resolution and high throughput software algorithms to seek out changes in neurobiological activity from a single sensor, its proprietary iBrain portable neural monitor, has partnered with the American Senior Housing Association (ASHA) to… Read more →

Simple blood test could predict risk of developing dementia

Scientists at Rigshopitalet, Herlev Hospital and the University of Copenhagen identify a new biomarker that can predict the risk of developing dementia by way of a simple blood test. In the long term, this could mean better prevention and thus… Read more →

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