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Ageing and Wellbeing

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Experts to discuss impact of telemedicine on care delivery for aging Americans at d.health Summit

Recent technological, legal, and clinical developments are leading to dramatic changes in the ways medical care is delivered. While this shift has the power to displace many well-established healthcare players, it also presents an opportunity to form new partnerships and… Read more →

Using smartphones to avoid spatial disorientation of elderly

Researchers are using new network operator technologies to locate and send alerts when an old person with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) suffers from episodes of spatial disorientation. Up to the 60% of cases of MCI can cause episodes of spatial… Read more →

New research gives fresh insights into stiffening of aging tendons

British researchers who repeatedly stretched horses tendons to assess their elasticity and ability to recover have gained fresh insights into the mechanisms behind the stiffening that comes with aging.

The scientists found that the material between tendon fibre bundles stiffens… Read more →

New research gives clues as to why older people get more tendon injuries

Researchers from Queen Mary University of London (QMUL), University of East Anglia, University College London and University of Liverpool, repeatedly stretched samples of horse tendons, which are very similar to human ones, to test their elasticity and ability to recover.… Read more →

UL researchers awarded €250,000 to develop assistive exoskeletons for older adults

Researchers at the Design Factors Research Group at the University of Limerick have been awarded €250,000 funding to develop an exoskeleton to assist older adults. The research will be carried out as part of the AXO-SUIT project, which will run… Read more →

Short-term balance program can reduce risk of falling in older population

Falling is bad news for senior citizens—oftentimes resulting in life-changing injuries, such as hip fractures and head traumas, and an increased risk of early death. New research findings at University of the Sciences into how and why seniors fall may… Read more →

Exercises Improve Memory in Older Adults

When Mick Jagger first sang “what a drag it is getting old,” he was 23 years old. Now at 71, he is still a veritable Jumpin’ Jack Flash on stage. Jagger seems to have found the secret to staying physically… Read more →

Tech-savvy seniors want online options to access care from home

An Accenture (NYSE:ACN) survey shows a growing demand among tech-savvy seniors (67 percent) who want to access healthcare services from home, but the majority (66 percent) are worried today’s technology isn’t sufficient to do so.

“Just as seniors are turning… Read more →

Contact lens with built-in telescope

Lights, mirrors, action! Scientists are developing smart contact lenses embedded with miniscule mirrors that can magnify your vision by almost three times. The 1.55mm-thick lenses incorporate a thin reflective telescope made of mirrors and filters; when light enters the eye… Read more →

Randomised trial puts FINGER on cognitive health

The FINGER study, the first large randomised, controlled trial of its kind, suggests that a multifactorial intervention could slow cognitive decline in elderly people at risk of developing dementia.

The 2-year intervention targeted people who were aged between 60 and… Read more →

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