Consultant R&D Meeting: ‘Meet the Engineers’

The IBME-UCLH ‘Meet the Engineers’ meetings are part of a new programme designed to bring together new collaborative teams comprising one or more IBME academics and one or more UCLH consultants. With more that 150 medtech-active academics across 35 institutes, departments and centres, the IBME constitutes a large pool of expertise. The goal at the ‘Meet the Engineers’ meeting is to uncover the potential links that are already there, but have not yet been recognised.


The next meeting will be 5.30pm – 7.30pm on Thursday 2nd May in Room 2 in the UCH Education Centre, 1st Floor West, 250 Euston Road, London, NW1 2PG.


This will include a brainstorming session and opportunity for discussion, thus providing a forum for consultants, engineers and other academics across UCL to identify unmet clinical needs, scope out potential solutions and encourage collaboration. Part of the meeting will be more focused and in this session we would like to highlight “biomaterials and tissue engineering” with a number of engineers and physical scientists working in this field at present.


As a prelude to the meeting we ask consultants to please consider the following:
1.What irritates you that you think should have a technical solution where the current solution just isn’t good enough?


2.What would you most like to be able to offer your patients now, that you think could be provided by some new (or better) medical device or technology?


3.Imagine there are no limits – what would your tricorder look like?

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