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Public Health Science: A National Conference Dedicated to New Research in UK Public Health

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Draft programme for Friday 29th November 2013

09.00 Registration, tea and coffee
09.30 Welcome and introduction to the day
09.40 Creativity and innovation in public health science

(6 abstract presentations: 10 min presentation 5 min for questions)

Have contractual changes in primary care impacted on unplanned short stay childhood admissions in England? National time trends study 2001 to 2011.

Elizabeth Cecil

Alcohol marketing in televised English professional football – a frequency analysis 

Jean Adams


Creativity and innovation in public health science

Colin Mitchell

The ‘Maximising STI Control’ (MSTIC) webtool: a new approach to evidence synthesis to facilitate the planning of services for sexually transmitted infections to maximise public health benefit.

Catherine Mercer

Two year infant and maternal outcomes from the SNAP trial: RCT investigating nicotine replacement therapy for cessation in pregnancy.

Tim Coleman

Estimation of the quality of life impact of seasonal influenza infection in the UK using the internet-based Flusurvey cohort.

Ken Eames

 11.10  Tea, coffee and poster viewing
 11.40 New methodological approaches to public health science  

(6 abstract presentations: 10 min presentation 5 min for questions)

Are text message reminders an effective intervention for improving uptake of breast screening? – A Randomised Controlled Trial. 

Robert Stephen Kerrison

Novel cross-sectoral linkage of routine health and education data at all Scotland level: a national demonstration project.

Rachael Wood

Uncovering public perceptions of “scary contaminants” and how (not) to communicate about them: a mixed methods approach incorporating cognitive semantics.

Gabriella Rundblad

How severe is measles? A cross-sectional survey to establish the impact of measles on health-related quality of life. 

Dominic Thorrington

Investigating alcohol-related readmission dynamics among young people.

Andrew R Hoy

Understanding corporations to inform public health policy: the example of tobacco industry interests in harm production and reduced risk products.

Anna Gilmore

 13.15 Lunch and chaired poster viewing
 14.25 Implementing public health science in policy and practice

(6 abstract presentations: 10 min presentation 5 min for questions)

The effectiveness of mass media campaigns in reducing smoking in England. 

Michelle Sims

Characteristics of five year olds who catch-up with the combined measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine: findings from a contemporary UK cohort. 

Anna Pearce

Evaluating the impact of a multi-buy discount ban on off-trade alcohol sales: a natural experiment in Scotland. 

Mark Robinson

Saving money in the NHS: a qualitative investigation of disinvestment practices, and barriers to change. 

Leila Rooshenas

Research into practice: why is it so difficult to get a GRIP? 

John Middleton

Addressing alcohol health harms through non-health sector policies in English local government: a systematic overview, legal analysis and case study research. 

Fred Martineau

 15.55 Tea, coffee and poster viewing
 16.25 Keynote speeches


“The public health science & policy interface: defining & overcoming the barriers to implementation.” Simon Capewell


What can observational studies contribute to public health policy and practice: The example of Natsal (National Survey of sexual attitudes and lifestyles” Anne Johnson


“All Trials Campaign – lessons for getting public health evidence into policy and practice.” Ben Goldacre

 17.45 Closing remarks – Richard Horton
 18.00 Social Event

We are pleased to announce Public Health Science: A National Conference Dedicated to New Research in UK Public Health. The core of the event will comprise of oral and poster presentations of selected research. This multidisciplinary conference will build upon the outstanding creativity that was seen at the first meeting in November 2012 (abstracts from the 2012 event are available online here) and aims to showcase exceptional talent in the UK public health research community. The conference will present work spanning all aspects of public health and using a full range of methodological approaches.


November 29, 2013


UCL Institute of Child Health
30 Guilford Street, London, WC1N 1EH


UCL Institute of Child Health
020 7905 2675

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