MedTech Accelerator for clinicians

What the MedTech Accelerator does for clinicians

The IBME understands that healthcare professionals know better than anyone what the real needs are in a clinical setting and that they often have the most creative solutions already in mind. These needs are not always glamorous, but they are important nonetheless, and absolutely crucial if the health service goals of ‘quality, efficiency, and productivity’ are to be realised in the foreseeable future.

One of the ways that we are addressing this is through the IBME-UCLH ‘Consultants Meet the Engineers’ meetings that
are designed to bring together new collaborative teams comprising one or more IBME academics and one or more UCLH consultants.

The meetings include a brainstorming session and an opportunity for discussion – providing a forum for consultants, engineers and other academics across UCL to identify unmet clinical needs, scope out potential solutions, and encourage collaboration. Part of the meetings are more focused and highlight one of twelve key medical technology themes the IBME has identified, with a number of engineers and physical scientists working in this particular area also present.

We ask consultants to consider:

– What irritates you that you think should have a technical solution where the current solution just isn’t good enough?

– What would you most like to be able to offer your patients now, that you think could be provided by some new (or better) medical device or technology?

– Imagine there are no limits – what would your ‘tricorder’ look like?

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