The Innovation Spiral

The Innovation Spiral: from concept to delivery requires a holistic approach

An underpinning tenet of the MedTech Accelerator is the concept of the Innovation Spiral as recognition of the iterative approach that successful medtech translation needs.

Even at the very early stages of concept development it is important to consider the process from all angles – for clinical need, who will use it? – for technical feasibility, does it work? – and for commercial viability, is it sustainable? For each of these there are many more questions to ask and to answer, at deepening levels of understanding and detail, as the spiral continues outwards towards the goal of patient benefit.

Inevitably, navigating such a landscape requires teamwork. No one person has all the skills and expertise that is needed, and collaboration is essential. The IBME and its MedTech Accelerator exists to facilitate this process.

innov spiral crop

The Innovation Spiral

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