Industry Liaison Programme

Industry Liaison Programme (ILP)

Within the MedTech Accelerator, the IBME runs an Industry Liaison Programme (ILP) to facilitate proactive engagement between medtech companies and UCL-affiliated academics and clinicians. For industry, the Programme provides access to the substantial breadth of intellectual capital and enabling facilities at UCL. For academics, it provides much needed insight into commercial priorities and perspectives.

The ILP lowers transaction costs by providing a single IBME point of contact through whom a company may arrange face-to-face discussions with researchers and clinicians in order to discover and explore opportunities for collaboration.

Through the ILP, companies may access the full breadth of world leading expertise and facilities at UCL. This includes the facilities and infrastructure of the NIHR University College London Hospitals Biomedical Research Centre, and its range of clinical research facilities for early phase clinical studies; and, for later phase clinical trials, of the six-million-patient catchment area of the Academic Health Science Centre and Network of UCL Partners.

The ILP provides access to a network of academics with an understanding of technical feasibility and innovation; clinicians with a knowledge of clinical needs and restrictions; facilitators with expertise in obtaining public and private funding for early stage innovation; and leading experts on the adoption and diffusion of innovation in the NHS and abroad.

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>>Contact for enquiries: Szabi Steiners.steiner@ucl.ac.uk, Tel. 020 7679 3153, or visit our registration page here

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