Enterprise & Translation

The IBME serves the entire UCL Partners community, academics and clinicians alike, with a particular emphasis on promoting translational R&D activities. This focus is chosen deliberately to capitalise and build on the current position:

  1. UCL academics and clinicians have considerable expertise in R&D, but much less so in the translation of the outcomes of that R&D. By focusing on the part they do less well – the enterprise component – and by offering practical and appropriate advice and support, the IBME can offer staff real added value in return for their participation in the IBME.
  2. UCL Business rightly focuses on the best-of-the-best commercialisation and exploitation opportunities across the whole of the UCL estate, and does not have the bandwidth to deal with grass-roots activities. By using the IBME, with its focus on drawing together the academic, clinical and enterprise elements from very early stages, to develop and road- test venture propositions well before they come under the UCLB jurisdiction, a complementary and mutually supportive partnership will be forged.
  3. UCL is in the process of adopting a new policy aimed at establishing itself as a global leader in enterprise and innovation, including elements of support for student and staff entrepreneurship, such as education and training. The IBME mission fits very closely into this framework.

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