April 17th 2013

IBME MONTHLY SEMINAR – Wednesday April 17th, 5pm at the Gustave Tuck lecture theatre

Dr Suwan Jayasinghe is a group leader in the UCL Institute of Biomedical Engineering and the UCL Centre for Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine. His group has made several discoveries having significance to advanced bioanalysis and diagnostics to tissue engineering and regenerative/therapeutic biology and medicine. These pioneering investigations are currently undergoing intense exploration for their exploitation in the clinic for repairing, replacing and rejuvenating damaged and/or ageing tissues/organs.

Suwan’s talk is titled “Tissue engineering and regenerative medicine: past present and the future”

Suwan will discuss the extent of knowledge and know-how, and suggest how those outside his research area might contribute or gain from a closer association. The lecture will be followed by drinks and an opportunity to network.

a combined fluorescent and optical micrograph of cell bearing beads, which have been used for the delivery of cell therapy using genetically altered cells with medical/experimental genes

Directions to the Gustave Tuck lecture theatre: situated on the third floor of the South Cloisters. The easiest way to reach the lecture theatre is to enter through the main gates on Gower Street, opposite the Cruciform building. Head towards the grand Wilkins Building and turn right. Take the second door which will be in the far right hand corner, turn right and walk through a second set of doors keeping to the right again. There will be a staircase in front of you with signs leading to the Gustave Tuck lecture theatre (two flights).

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