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UCL Institute of Biomedical Engineering (IBME)

With a vision of becoming one of the world leaders in the clinical translation of healthcare engineering technology, the IBME will deploy a Hub-and-Satellite model within UCL and its affiliated specialist hospitals. This will include:

  • “IBME Satellites” on clinical sites to enable a close partnership between engineering and medicine and enhance translation. Every satellite will have an Engineering Lead appointed from the Faculty of Engineering Science and a Clinical Lead appointed from the associated Faculty of the Satellite’s hospital.
  • Large-scale high-profile healthcare engineering projects – IBME Flagship Projects. A Flagship Project will be developed within each Satellite with each Flagship Project lasting a five-year period. Engineering Leads and Clinical Leads will jointly manage the day-to-day delivery of the Satellite’s Flagship Project and will also be in charge of the Satellite space.

Satellite Flagship Project calls: a series of workshops will be held over the coming months to select a Flagship Project for each Satellite. Selected projects will have access to the space, infrastructure, clinical, technical and administrative support of the IBME Satellite. These projects will lead towards the development of multi-disciplinary grant applications to sustain this activity.

Future Project calls: a call for projects will be launched annually to inject new biomedical engineering innovation within Satellites. These projects will be initially supported financially through IBME start-up funds.