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The Institute of Biomedical Engineering (IBME) provides a focus for UCL’s wide-ranging expertise in medical technologies.

The IBME aims to be the world’s fastest and most cost-effective deliverer of patient benefit by harnessing the power of university-based innovation and experimental medicine in the UK.

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International Research News

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A heartbeat away? Hybrid ‘patch’ could replace transplants
PhysOrg, October 1, 2014
Amaranth Medical’s 2nd Generation FORTITUDE Sirolimus-Eluting Bioresorbable Scaffold
Medgadget, October 1, 2014
Remote healthcare for an aging population
ScienceDaily, October 1, 2014
Photoacoustics could become alternative to mammography or sonogram for breast cancer detection
NewsMedical, October 1, 2014
Fingerprint-based recognition method could increase immunization coverage, save lives of infants
NewsMedical, October 1, 2014
Face-based Disposable EEG Mask to Help Quickly Diagnose Brain Damage
Medgadget, October 1, 2014
CMOS imaging biosensor could enable early diagnosis of diabetes, Alzheimer’s
BioOptics World, September 30, 2014
ACCU-CHEK Aviva Expert Glucose Meter with Automatic Insulin Dosage Calculator
Medgadget, September 30, 2014
Nanotubes help healing hearts keep the beat
Nano, September 30, 2014
Heart Hospital of Austin becomes first facility in Texas to implant CardioMEMS HF System
NewsMedical, September 30, 2014
Crystal skin patch monitors cardiac health
Wired, September 30, 2014
Transcranial direct-current stimulation offers new hope in controlling Tourette Syndrome tics
Medical News Today, September 29, 2014
Skin cells from pediatric patients can be used in tissue-engineered pulmonary valves
NewsMedical, September 29, 2014
Simple Blood Test a Possible Tool for Early Cancer Diagnosis
Bioscience Technology, September 29, 2014
Covidien Expands Lineup of Sonicision Cordless Ultrasonic Dissection Devices
Medgadget, September 29, 2014
Siemens SOMATOM Scope, a New 16-Slice CT Scanner Cleared by FDA
Medgadget, September 29, 2014
New NIH program awards $2.5 million to spur innovation in mobile health
NewsMedical, September 29, 2014
Are You a SME or Startup in eHealth? Apply Now to Future Internet CHallenge eHealth (FICHe)
eHealthNews.eu, September 28, 2014
Stork OTC Helps to Conceive by Delivering Sperm to The Cervix (VIDEO)
September 28, 2014
Smartphone microscope can be made for under a dollar
Gizmag, September 27, 2014
EndoCross ENABLER-C System for Crossing Total Coronary Occlusions Approved in Europe
Medgadget, September 27, 2014
TEDMED DC: The Companies We Met in The Hive
Medgadget, September 27, 2014
EmTech: 3-D Printing Complex Kidney Components
MIT Technology Review, September 26, 2014
3D-printed syringe pumps could cut the cost of scientific research
Gizmag, September 26, 2014
Wearable Artificial Kidney gets green light for US trials
Gizmag, September 26, 2014
Skin regeneration – Healing with nanofibrous hydrogels
Nano, September 26, 2014
K2M launches EVEREST Minimally Invasive Spinal System at SMISS Global Forum 2014
NewsMedical, September 26, 2014
Vercise Deep Brain Neurostimulator EU Approved for Tremor (VIDEO)
Medgadget, September 26, 2014
iPhone eye test spots vision problems cheaply
New Scientist, September 26, 2014
CE Mark and European Launch of Medtronic TYRX Absorbable Antibacterial Envelope for ICDs
September 26, 2014
Fast release drug delivery capsule launched by Medimetrics
NewsMedical, September 26, 2014
KNFB Reader for Blind People Reads Any Text Anywhere (VIDEO)
Medgadget, September 25, 2014
Jaw movements generate electricity to power hearing devices
Medical News Today, September 25, 2014
EKSO Bionic Exoskeleton Successfully Used to Improve Gait After Stroke
Medgadget, September 25, 2014
Smartgels are thicker than water
Nano, September 25, 2014
Voluson E10 OB/GYN Ultrasound with World’s First Curved Matrix Electronic 4D Probe
Medgadget, September 25, 2014
TRI’s ND Infusion Catheter Used for First Time to Deliver Stem Cells Into Heart (VIDEO)
Medgadget, September 25, 2014
EBS Technologies Electro-Optical Stimulation System Restores Vision Lost Due to Neurological Conditions (VIDEO)
Medgadget, September 25, 2014
Squid-skin displays bring us closer to biotech camouflage
Wired, September 25, 2014
Cedars-Sinai scientists test ELAD bioartificial liver support system for patients with acute liver failure
NewsMedical, September 24, 2014
Smartsheet Cloud-based Collaboration Tool Helps Manage Acute Patients (Interview)
Medgadget, September 24, 2014
Apple pulls HealthKit from iOS 8 update until end of month
Wired, September 24, 2014
St. Jude Medical’s OPTIS Integrated System Consolidates OCT and FFR Into Cath Labs
Medgadget, September 24, 2014
Blood test could identify when cancer treatment has become detrimental
Medical News Today, September 24, 2014
Laser-like optical amplifier portends external transmission of bio signals
BioOptics World, September 24, 2014
This Phone App Knows If You’re Depressed
MIT Technology Review, September 24, 2014
Medtronic launches SEEQ(TM) wearable cardiac monitoring system in United States
Medical News Today, September 24, 2014
Mini Camera Modules Pave Way for Less-Invasive Visualization
Photonics, September 23, 2014
Scientists develop first blood test to diagnose major adult depression
NewsMedical, September 23, 2014
Constellation Skin Mapping and Mole Monitoring at TEDMED 2014
Medgadget, September 23, 2014

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