NEW: Yale-UCL MedTech Collaborative

The IBME has been awarded £150,000 from the EPSRC Global Engagements Fund to create an Innovation Pipeline for Yale-UCL research in Medical Technologies – the Yale-UCL MedTech Collaborative (MTC) – *see below for more details. This includes funding for workshops and the exchange of graduate students in each of three thematic areas:


The pipeline is based on an open competition process across Yale and UCL, aimed at finding and supporting up to two Flagship Projects per sector. These are designed to be entirely new, entirely co-owned projects, developed in response to the MTC call for expressions of interest.

We will hold the first workshop in New Haven, on Saturday September 8th 2012 in IMAGING & SENSING. It will be facilitated and run as a get-to-know-each-other, horizon-scanning and brainstorming event. As our intention is to foster PI-to-PI collaborations, the workshop will be restricted to at most FIVE participants from each side.

London PIs will fly out late morning on Friday 7th September arriving in New Haven late that day. They will have a full-day meeting on the Saturday including an evening meal and networking time followed by a return flight on Sunday morning, arriving in London Sunday evening. We have chosen the weekend schedule to maximize participation on both sides. A bonus is that by staying overnight on the Saturday we can afford to pay for Premium Economy flights for all.

If you would like to be considered for this exciting new programme, please fill in the application form and return to Eric de Silva by the end of Friday 3rd August 2012.

A selection committee chaired by Quentin Pankhurst (UCL Institute of Biomedical Engineering) and Mark Saltzman (Yale Department of Biomedical Engineering) will review the applications received, and inform you of the outcome by Friday 10th August 2012.

*The MTC Innovation Pipeline is a two–-year enterprise cycle, directed at early-stage (pre-commercial) innovation generation and management in three medtech sectors. It is based on an open competition across Yale and UCL, to find and support two entirely new, entirely co-owned Flagship Projects per sector per cycle. Year 1 is focused on identifying and seeding new projects, and generating initial proof of concept data. Year 2 is focused on initial market validation and the generation of targeted proof of concept data, ideally including beta-test clinical data such as first-in-man investigator-led trial data. By the end of Year 2 the Flagship Projects will be extremely well positioned to secure follow-on funding from public or private sources.

Based on the outcome of the first workshop in a given sector, two flagship projects will be selected and graduate exchanges will be initiated. For each Flagship Project we will offer up to two graduate student exchange bursaries to enable a student from Group A to work in Group B for up to three months to work on the proof of concept phase of the project. The bursary would cover travel costs and a living allowance and take place in the latter part of Year 1 and the early part of Year 2 of the cycle. A second ‘Market Validation’ workshop will then follow where Flagship Project PIs from Yale & UCL will attend, along with relevant third parties such as product development, user group management, regulatory, and reimbursement experts.

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