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The Institute of Biomedical Engineering (IBME) provides a focus for UCL’s wide-ranging expertise in medical technologies.

The IBME aims to be the world’s fastest and most cost-effective deliverer of patient benefit by harnessing the power of university-based innovation and experimental medicine in the UK.

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International Research News

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Wearables funding hits record high in 2014
MDDI, September 20, 2014
Failing students saved by stress-detecting app
New Scientist, September 20, 2014
Complete analysis of the global mHealth market
NewsMedical, September 20, 2014
Pioneering products for global priorities
BioOptics World, September 19, 2014
Blood-cleansing biospleen device developed for sepsis therapy
R&D Mag, September 19, 2014
Lens-free microscopes offer real-time bio imaging
Photonics, September 19, 2014
iPhone 6: As new iPhones loom, HealthKit hype builds. Here’s a reality check.
Forbes, September 19, 2014
iMDsoft launches new version of the MetaVision clinical information system
eHealthNews.eu, September 19, 2014
3 trends shaping the evolving medtech market
MDDI, September 19, 2014
Breathe Technologies receives CE Mark approval for Non-Invasive Open Ventilation (NIOV) system
Medical News Today, September 18, 2014
Amesbury brothers try out bionic pancreas
Bioscience Technology, September 18, 2014
Rapid point-of-care anemia test shows promise
R&D Mag, September 18, 2014
Beta-O2 receives grant from JDRF to study ßAir bio-artificial pancreas for treatment of T1D
NewsMedical, September 18, 2014
EMIS Group to deliver integrated EPR for Gibraltar
eHealthNews.eu, September 18, 2014
Olympus launches objective lenses, enabling super-deep imaging of tissues, live-cell imaging and light sheet microscopy techniques
NewsMedical, September 18, 2014
How to hack your own medical device
MDDI, September 17, 2014
‘Electronic Skin’ Could Improve Early Breast Cancer Detection
Bioscience Technology, September 17, 2014
Wearable vapor sensor can ‘smell’ diabetes
Futurity, September 17, 2014
Darpa funds soft exoskeleton trousers
Wired, September 17, 2014
Trans-Atlantic Tele-Robotic Medicine Breakthroughs
eHealthNews.eu, September 17, 2014
Medtronic’s new TAVR device is exciting new technology
MDDI, September 17, 2014
Apple Goes Silent On Healthcare With Launch Of First Wearable
Forbes, September 16, 2014
Researchers discover key to making new muscles
ScienceDaily, September 16, 2014
Is The Health/Fitness Capability of Apple Watch All That?
MDDI, September 16, 2014
Advanced Health & Care launches care portal for both care workers and service users
eHealthNews.eu, September 16, 2014
5 things preventing technology adoption in health care
Forbes, September 16, 2014
ADORA Advanced Doctor’s Operational Research Assistant Helps Navigate Radiological Images Hands Free
Medgadget, September 16, 2014
A Day in the Life in 2025 – Digital Medicine a Reality for Managing Aging in a Connected World
Forbes, September 15, 2014
Optical imaging system for small and large animal imaging
Bioscience Technology, September 15, 2014
Antlers inspire first trial of bone-implanted prosthetics
Wired, September 15, 2014
New detector captures unprecedented range of light, sees the layers between skin and bone
Medical News Today, September 15, 2014
Simple and inexpensive lab test identifies resistant infections in hours
Medical News Today, September 15, 2014
Otoharmonics Levo Tinnitus Treatment System Cleared by FDA
Medgadget, September 15, 2014
Triple-S Salud collaborates with Voxiva and TracFone Wireless to improve health, satisfaction
NewsMedical, September 15, 2014
Designing Adhesives for Wearable Applications
MDDI, September 14, 2014
In Directing Stem Cells, Study Shows Context Matters
Bioscience Technology, September 14, 2014
Aging Process Delayed by ‘Remote Control’
Bioscience Technology, September 14, 2014
New Autofluorescence Imaging Platform Detects and Tracks Bacteria in Chronic Wounds
Medgadget, September 14, 2014
New Fluorescence Marker Enhances Bio-Imaging
Photonics, September 13, 2014
Can Apple’s HealthKit Protect Your Data?
Forbes, September 13, 2014
Why age reduces stem cells’ ability to repair muscle
ScienceDaily, September 13, 2014
Physician: We Need A Bloomberg Terminal For Healthcare
MDDI, September 13, 2014
New methods enhance the quality of myocardial perfusion imaging
Medical News Today, September 12, 2014
Social networking programmes can help fight obesity epidemic
NewsMedical, September 12, 2014
DigiSole Electronic Insoles for Monitoring Activity Straight Through Your Feet
Medgadget, September 12, 2014
Ultrasensitive biosensor from molybdenite semiconductor outshines graphene
Medical News Today, September 12, 2014
For Maker of Home Colon Cancer Test, Second Time Was the Charm
MDDI, September 12, 2014
Custom Wheelchair With Push Rowing Action Developed by Rice Students for Kid’s Unique Needs
Medgadget, September 12, 2014
Apple Watch Is Good First Take, But Health/Fitness Gadgets Need Work
Forbes, September 11, 2014
Researchers address major challenge in quest to build replacement kidneys in the lab
NewsMedical, September 11, 2014

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