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The Institute of Biomedical Engineering (IBME) provides a focus for UCL’s wide-ranging expertise in medical technologies.

The IBME aims to be the world’s fastest and most cost-effective deliverer of patient benefit by harnessing the power of university-based innovation and experimental medicine in the UK.

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International Research News

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Revolutionary J-Plasma tool allows surgeons to do more by reducing damage to surrounding tissue
Medgadget, May 25, 2015
FDA guidance may increase number of devices with pediatric labels and indications
MDDI, May 25, 2015
MIT researchers find way to develop implantable devices that can avoid scar-tissue buildup
NewsMedical, May 24, 2015
New study examines performance of the world’s smallest pacemaker
Medical News Today, May 24, 2015
New portable device could test how ‘squishy’ cancerous tumors are
Medical News Today, May 24, 2015
Study: Using isosmolar contrast agent during angioplasty reduces risk of renal and cardiac events
Medical News Today, May 23, 2015
Lemelson-MIT National Collegiate Student Prize awards young student inventors
BetaBoston, May 23, 2015
New, simple blood test to quickly and reliably diagnose Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Medical News Today, May 23, 2015
New Device Stimulates Nerves to Bring Feeling to Prosthetic Hands
Medgadget, May 22, 2015
New, noninvasive test can detect cocaine use through a simple fingerprint
NewsMedical, May 22, 2015
Bioprinting in 3D: Looks like candy, could regenerate nerve cells
R&D Mag, May 22, 2015
New blood test detects breast cancer metastasis earlier than is currently possible
NewsMedical, May 22, 2015
E-skin and pocket-sized diagnostic machines give patients the power back
Medical News Today, May 22, 2015
Performance-enhancing wearable hydration sensor provides immediate feedback
R&D Mag, May 21, 2015
Resorbable Stents with Sensors and On-demand Drug Delivery for Cardiovascular Diseases
Medgadget, May 21, 2015
Tandem Diabetes Care announces release of t:flex Insulin Pump
NewsMedical, May 21, 2015
Health workers now have rapid test to detect presence of chikungunya virus within an hour
NewsMedical, May 21, 2015
Cybersecurity and the artificial pancreas — what are the risks?
Medical News Today, May 21, 2015
Silver nanoclusters inside synthetic DNA have utility in bioimaging
BioOptics World, May 21, 2015
The Dos and Don’ts of IVD Clinical Trials
MDDI, May 20, 2015
Electronic memory may bring bionic brain one step closer
Gizmag, May 20, 2015
Gel filled with nanosponges cleans up MRSA infections
PhysOrg, May 20, 2015
St. Jude’s Nanostim Leadless Pacer Still MIA in Europe
MDDI, May 20, 2015
Smart micro chips may optimise human vision
Medical News Today, May 19, 2015
The BioDigital Human: Exploring Health in 3D
Bioscience Technology, May 19, 2015
Electric Bandages Speed Up Healing of Wounds
Medgadget, May 19, 2015
‘Dr Now’ promises London medication delivery within 4 hours
Wired, May 19, 2015
Here’s a Startup Bringing Virtual Reality to Healthcare
MDDI, May 18, 2015
COCIR launches annual 5th Edition of its eHealth Toolkit
NewsMedical, May 18, 2015
Asthma Ally app allows patients to connect with allergist’s office for assistance
NewsMedical, May 18, 2015
Exoskeleton That Helps Paralyzed Walk Faces Barrier in Japan
Bioscience Technology, May 18, 2015
Largest Global mHealth Research Study Reveals Top Five mHealth Countries in Europe
eHealthNews.eu, May 18, 2015
iMDsoft is Proud to be The Vendor of Choice for Computerising Critical Care across Health Networks
eHealthNews.eu, May 17, 2015
Scientists regenerate bone tissue using only proteins secreted by stem cells
ScienceDaily, May 17, 2015
Bio-organic device delivers body’s own painkiller to block pain from damaged nerves
The Engineer, May 17, 2015
UCI receives FDA consent to study stem cell-based treatment for retinitis pigmentosa in clinical trial
NewsMedical, May 17, 2015
Kokoon EEG headphones monitor brainwaves to track your sleep
Gizmag, May 16, 2015
Device created for faster skin biopsies without anesthesia
Medical News Today, May 16, 2015
Debiotech agrees to acquire exclusive rights on iSense CGM technology for use with patch pumps
NewsMedical, May 16, 2015
Experts to discuss impact of telemedicine on care delivery for aging Americans at d.health Summit
NewsMedical, May 16, 2015
Pressure Sensing Stocking to Help Save Diabetic Feet
Medgadget, May 16, 2015
Robot octopus arm could lead to safer surgery
The Engineer, May 15, 2015
Using mobile app to track intake of vitamin D and calcium
NewsMedical, May 15, 2015
Smartphone microscope lens that costs just pennies to make
Gizmag, May 15, 2015
Smartphones Can Be Smart Enough To Find A Parasitic Worm
NPR, May 15, 2015
Researchers create microscope allowing deep brain exploration
R&D Mag, May 15, 2015
Wearable diagnostic machines presented at Elsevier’s 4th International Conference on Bio-Sensing Technology
NewsMedical, May 14, 2015
How to grow plasters from your household compost
Wired, May 14, 2015
New stem cells hold potential for generating mature functional tissues
ScienceDaily, May 14, 2015
Hearing Test to Measure Intracranial Pressure Non-Invasively
Medgadget, May 14, 2015

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